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Aphrodite takes great pride in giving plain-spoken advice about the Cyprus Property Sales market and offering the very best homes from around the island in a way no other overseas estate agency does.

When we say "Cyprus Property Sales without Jargon, Hassle or Pressure" we mean it...

Take a look around... Pretty much every estate agent you'll find on the Internet is telling you that Cyprus is a Land of Opportunity where an investment in local real estate will make you rich quick. And frankly, it all looks a bit ridiculous in this day and age, doesn't it? But oddly enough, when you cut through the hype and the Slick Sales Spiel, buying a home in on the island can still be a great investment, always providing of couse that you're dealing with someone who knows their way around the local market, and can steer you clear of the pitfalls.

If you really want to know about Cyprus Real Estate, we tell you what nobody else does...

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Cyprus Property Sales
Aphrodite isn't the largest agency on the Cypriot real estate market, just the one with the safest properties and the best customer service. Check our portfolio to see what homes are currently available.
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Golf Courses in Cyprus More Information about Current and Forthcoming Cyprus Golf Courses

Cyprus' Golf Courses
A couple of years back you couldn't move for agents trying to sell you golf properties in Cyprus' fourteen forthcoming resorts. However, time has shown that not all planned courses are likely to go ahead.

General Information about Mortgages in Cyprus

Cyprus Mortgages
Although the economic downturn has of course affected Cyprus in much the same way as other countries, mortgages are still available through local and international lenders in a variety of currencies.
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In-Depth Details about the Cost of Living in Cyprus

Cyprus Cost of Living
Most overseas property websites are quick to tell you that living in Cyprus is cheap. But given the fact that the Pound is not what it once was, and that the currency of Cyprus is now the Euro, is this still true?
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Moving to Cyprus from the United Kingdom

Moving to Cyprus
There are without doubt a large number of very good reasons for moving to Cyprus, especially if you're from the UK. However, the Republic is also a real country with real issues, character, and its own quirks.
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The Weather in Cyprus

Cyprus Weather
If you're looking for a warmer climate, you're in the right place. An average 326 days of sunshine a year make Cyprus one of the sunniest places in the Mediterranean. But there's more to it than that.
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Cheaper International Currency Transfers

International Currency Transfers
Buying overseas property involves sending large sums of cash from one country to the other. What most people fail to realise, however, is that there are much better ways to do it than using a Highstreet bank.
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How has the global economic slump affected Cyprus Property Sales and the local market?

Between the global economic slump and Sterling's abysmal performance on the International Currency market, there's no denying that the rate of Cyprus Property Sales has slowed greatly during the past eighteen months or so.

However, this slowdown has actually aided smaller investors and buyers whose goal is living in Cyprus.

Why? Because in a matter of just months the slowdown in the overseas property market effectively bankrupted the majority of large overseas property agencies who had been driving Cypriot real estate prices to unacceptably high levels by charging developers up to 15% commission.

  3 Bedroom Seaside Villa with Swimming Pool located near Konnos Bay in Protaras

We don't just want to sell you a property.
We make sure you're safe, satisfied and informed.

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Life in Cyprus

It's a simple fact that six of our staff have been living in Cyprus for some years, four in Oroklini near Larnaca, and two in Tala village outside Paphos. For them, like so many others, the Republic's initial appeal rested in its climate and the relaxed lifestyle.

However, there are a great many other reasons which make living in Cyprus such an attractive proposition. The tax climate is every bit as sunny as its real world counterpart, with the maximum rate of income tax in Cyprus set at 25%, as opposed to the 40% super tax in the UK.

But despite the glowing reports one reads on every single property website, there are also some things to watch out for too.
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A different View of Cyprus

Those of you looking to find out more about this island's fascinating, and often colourful history might want to take a look at the Ring of Christ, a website providing in-depth information not only about the early Christian history of Cyprus, but also the ancient City-Kingdom of Kourion outside Limassol, and its destruction in the catastrophic earthquake of 365AD.

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