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The Cost of Living in Cyprus - A 2012 price run-down

Despite the Euro's strong performance against the Pound Sterling between 2009 and 2012, the cost of living in Cyprus is still lower here than it is in Britain (and the weather's better too).

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The rising cost of living in Cyprus must be put into context

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While it's easy for resident expatriates to grumble about the rising cost of living in Cyprus, it should be noted that annual living expenses are about more than the price of bread. When viewed holistically, including tax burdens, Aphrodite's Isle is still a cheaper place to live than the UK.

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Food & Drink Prices in Cyprus

RESTAURANTS: Generally speaking, restaurants are still cheaper in Cyprus than they are in the UK, though prices have risen somewhat in the wake of the Euro's introduction. Using 'Pizza Express' as an example, we found that the Cypriot 'Pizza Express' restaurant menu is around 15% cheaper than its British equivalent.

As for the locally available selection of restaurant food, unlike some other Mediterranean destinations, Cyprus boasts a wide range of different international cuisine, from Burger Joints to fine Sushi Bars, all at favourable prices.

Traditional Cypriot Tavern in the village of Oroklini near Larnaca

FOOD & DRINK: On the subject of alcohol, most Cyprus bars and restaurants offer local and imported beers from about €2.50 per pint, a wide range of wines from around €2.20 per glass and even a good quality measure of local brandy from as little as €2.50.

But of course, as with any other destination in the world, if you visit Cyprus' typically touristy places, you will pay substantially more.

With regards to food, Cyprus offers an excellent variety of fresh and inexpensive fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

Cyprus Food Prices

Petrol is cheaper in Cyprus than it is in Britain too, with seasonal prices fluctuating between about 1.20 Euros and 1.45 Euros, but there's a little more to to these low fuel costs than first meets the eye.

Cyprus Petrol Prices

Tobacco and Beer Prices (Retail)

TOBACCO: This is very inexpensive in Cyprus compared to the UK. Local cigarettes are available from around €2.70, imported cigarettes (Marlboro, Silk Cut, B&H, etc.) from approximately €5.15. Golden Virginia Rolling Tobacco sells for about €6.20 per 50g pouch.

Beer, Wine & Local Spirits: In a typical supermarket, you can expect to pay around €1.39 per pint (bottle) for Cyprus beer (Keo, Leon and Carlsberg) and around €3.69 to €3.99 for Cypriot wine (Aphrodite, Othello, Thisby etc.). A perfectly acceptable bottle of Cyprus Brandy will set you back about €6.50, and if you really want to go to town and invest in some very fine Five Kings Brandy that'll cost you about €11.50.

Cyprus Tobacco
and Beer Prices

Clothing and Electricals

CLOTHING: Clothing in Cyprus can be bought at very reasonable prices, because Cyprus is used as a manufacturing base by various UK clothing retailers and department stores.

ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES: For the last few years, a wide variety of domestic appliances with leading brand names have been available at very competitive prices. For example, washing machines starting at €279 and fridge freezers at €299.

One exception on the electrical appliance front are tumble dryers, which are comparatively expensive in Cyprus at around €350. But then, with an average 326 sunny days each year, they are not the most common appliance around.

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on Cyprus Prices

But life here is about more than just the cost of living in Cyprus; indeed, the gloriously sunny Cypriot weather also plays a large part in attracting visitors and British expatriates to the shores of Aphrodite's Isle.

The island's continuing popularity with the British can be traced back to the period in the history of Cyprus between 1878 and 1960, during which time it was first a British protectorate, and later a crown colony. It is this eighty-two year time-span which is responsible for Cyprus' economic, legal, and governmental systems closely emulating its British counterparts. Find out more...

What about the day-to-day cost of living in Cyprus?

Aside from the fact that groceries (especially meat, fruit & vegetables) tend to be a little cheaper here than in the UK, the taxation aspect must also be considered in the overall cost of living in Cyprus. In the UK one of the major expenses for any home owner is Council Tax, with the average annual bill now exceeding the £1,500 mark. In Cyprus however, the equivalent charge is not nearly so dramatic, with 'council tax' weighing in at a staggering €120 to €140 per year, plus a 'refuse tax' of about another €170.

That's a great many loaves of bread...

For many of us, income is another important consideration.
Did you know that Cyprus benefits from one of the most benevolent tax regimes in the European Union? More information on tax in Cyprus can be found by clicking here.

  • If you're looking for a whole host of great reasons for and against moving to Cyprus, for retirement, self-employment, or whatever other reason, click here.
  • What few people realise is that the average cost of living can vary according to the region you happen to be living in. As a rule of thumb, the greater the number of British expatriates living in a town, the higher the living expenses. For more information about Cyprus' towns, regions and provinces, click here.

The cost of living in Cyprus is still somewhat lower than it is in the United Kindom

There has been some grumbling amongst British expatriates in the Republic of late, complaining about the high cost of living in Cyprus.

But whilst it is true that, compared to 'minimum*' local wages, living in Cyprus is actually only slightly cheaper than it is in the UK, most expatriates discussing the issue somehow fail to mention that they happen to be considerably better off residing in Cyprus than in the United Kingdom. Nor do those complaining seem to realise that price rises have been just as pronounced in the UK as they have on Aphrodite's Isle, and that that, on balance, living in the UK is no longer as cheap in 2012 as it was when they emmigrated.

Experienced professionals moving to the island also have little to fear, except cheaper rivals from Eastern European member states. Having said that, competent specialists still command above average wages in the Republic, and British-trained professionals are usually in high demand.

*By minimum wages, we really do mean minimum wages.

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Driving in Cyprus?

Anyone who has ever been to the island will know that the roads of Cyprus are somewhat different than British ones. For starters, there's not as much rain, so driving in wet conditions is a serious concern for Cypriots. The volume of traffic (or rather the lack of it) also makes driving in Cyprus a lot less stressful than back home. It does, however, have to be said that Cypriot drivers' standards tend to be extremely low, and their road manners leave some things to be desired.
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The Tersefanou Golf Course

They say that a few short miles from Larnaca town and the international airport, nestled into the rolling hills running down to the clear, blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, can be found the site for the forthcoming Tersefanou Golf Course and leisure complex; an ambitious new project, designed not only to boost the local infrastructure, but also to put Cyprus' golf courses onto the international map.

But then, they've been saying that for years, haven't they?

And even though everyone still talks about the forthcoming golf course, nobody seems to be quite sure just exactly how 'forthcoming' it actually is, or whether or not it will even be built in the first place.
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