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The Weather in Cyprus - Temperatures, Rainfall & more

With an average of 326 sunny days each year for the island as a whole, the weather in Cyprus
can be counted amongst the finest anywhere in the Mediterranean.

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With the weather in Cyprus, temperatures are often misquoted

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With the start of the new year, Cyprus is settling in for the cold season. Between now and the beginning of March we'll see most of the annual rainfall, and daytime highs in coastal regions run around 18 to 20 degrees.
What's in store over the coming 3 months?

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While it's certainly true that Aphrodite's Isle boasts one of the sunniest climates to be found anywhere in the Mediterranean, many websites fail to mention that in Cyprus, temperatures can occasionally reach fifty degrees centigrade during the summer.

The Weather in Cyprus - Temperatures

Graph showing accurate monthly average temperatures in Cyprus

Although these average temperatures will give you a fairly accurate idea of what the weather in Cyprus is like through the year, it should be noted that variations do exist across the island with the central plains being substantially hotter during summer and much colder in winter than the coastal plains. Click below for more information

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Average Number of Rainy Days

Average Number of Rainy Days in Cyprus

The annual rainfall in the coastal reaches ranges from 350 to 400 mm in the central plains, to 1200 mm at the peaks of the Troodos Massif, where rain is a much more common occurrence than at lower altitudes. The average annual rainfall for the island as a whole is approximately 500 mm or thereabouts.

Cyprus Snow and
Rainfall Information

What can you expect from the weather during the coming three months?

It's Easter time, and April is the short time when there's such a thing as Spring in Cyprus. The temperatures are slowly starting to climb, but we're not yet experiencing the sort of oppressive heat we'll get by the end of May. During this month you can also still expect to see quite a few clouds, as well as the occasional spot of rain from time to time.

With that said, late April (until the end of May) is also the time when seasoned return-visitors tend to book their annual holidays on Aphrodite's Isle, as this time affords an almost perfect balance between pleasant sunshine and sun-bathing opportunities, without the roasting temperatures seen between June and September.

While the beginning of May is still a pleasantly temperate sort of affair (by and large), things do tend to heat up substantially by the end of the month. By the middle of the May the rainy season has also well and truly come to an end, and the days consist of almost unbroken sunshine.

This is the month when the holiday season gets into full swing, with the number of flights to the island from around Europe and the Middle East increasing substantially, as people visit Cyprus to enjoy the gloriously sunny weather. Towards the last week of the month, average day-time temperatures will be well into the thirties, and summer will be well on its way.

What can you say about the weather in Cyprus during June? It's hot, damn hot. With temperatures well into the mid-thirties and practically zero chance of rain, this is the month when weather forecasting basically stops on the island.

By now the holiday season is in full swing, and you'll find an eclectic collection of visitors occupying the sun-soaked beaches around the island. If you happen to be venturing out during the day, it's essential to start using sunscreen, wearing a decent pair of sunglasses, and carrying water wherever you go.

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The Weather in Cyprus throughout the Year

Cyprus may only be the third largest island in the Mediterranean, but it is certainly the hottest and sunniest. With an average 326 sunshine days each year for the island as a whole, this truly is a paradise for everyone seeking that 'SUN LOVING LIFE-STYLE'.

The year starts about half-way through what can be called the rainy season, which lasts from November until early March. Winters in Cyprus are short and mild with snow being a virtually unknown phenomenon in the coastal regions.

Spring starts early, with temperatures beginning to rise noticably towards the end of February. At this stage, the weather in Cyprus leaves behind the winter's rains and sunshine becomes an almost permanent feature on this beautiful island. The beginning of May usually sees a couple of weeks of windy weather with fresh spring breezes blowing in from the sea.

By the end of May, average temperatures begin to climb towards the more summery levels until they reach their apex during July and August. The summery temperatures tend to last until well into September and rain is almost unheard of during the summer months.

Although most locals consider the 20th of September to be the date when the hot summer temperatures first begin to break, the weather in Cyprus stays pleasantly warm until much later than this. Even as late as the end of October, it is still possible to sit outside during the evenings without the need for a jacket or even a jumper.

The dividing line between autumn and winter is somewhere around the middle of November, when temperatures begin to drop noticably and the rainy season sets in again, announcing the coming of winter.

The Weather in Cyprus
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  The Weather in Cyprus
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A Spot of Golf?

The weather in Cyprus naturally lends itself to the pursuit of this most beautiful of games, a fact which has not escaped the Cypriot government or the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO). In a concerted effort to put the Republic on the global golfing map, the government announced the construction of fourteen new golf courses in Cyprus back in November 2005.

But while this announcement certainly caused a lot of talk among property developers and investors, little else has happened in the way of course building during the intervening six years.
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