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Moving to Cyprus should be an Informed Decision

If you're thinking about moving to Cyprus, you'll notice most Cyprus property websites claiming it to be the perfect place to live. But how does reality compare to their promises?

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Moving to Cyprus is a great idea for some, but not for others.

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Information about Cyprus

Aphrodite first became involved in the Cyprus property sales market back in 2004, and since that time most of our staff have relocated to the Republic of Cyprus.

Speaking personally, I've been living here since 2005, and I love the island, the lifestyle, and the slower pace of life. But I've also seen an awful lot of British expats come and go during the past seven years, either scuppered by misinformation, bad forward planning, or simply frustrated with the Republic's Mediterranean approach to things.

There are, of course, a great many people who've stayed the course, in many cases having been here far longer than I have, but in the years since I've moved to the island there have been a great many comings and goings. And, on the whole, most of these departures were due to one single, and very simple reason.

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Most expats leave Cyprus because they failed to inform themselves before coming here

People arrive at Larnaca or Pahos airport, moving to Cyprus with big dreams, big plans, and hardly any real idea of what to actually expect from the place. It's a lethal combination, and it goes spectacularly wrong more often than not. Many British expatriates of this type end up leaving within 12 months, dreams shattered, plans burned to the ground, and cursing their rotten luck.

But it's not their rotten luck they should be cursing, it's their own decision to relocate to the Republic of Cyprus without first bothering to find out anything about the country and life here, or indeed whether moving to the island is actually such a great idea for them or not.

Emmigrating to another country is a huge step, so look before you leap.

As I said before, I personally love life in the Republic of Cyprus, as do most of the people I know over here. But despite the sunshine, and the laid-back approach to things, life on the island is definitely not for everyone. All the information you need is freely available online, most of it on the Aphrodite website; what you have to do is invest some time to read up on this place you're planning to move to. It may be the best investment of them all.

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Here are some of the standard reasons most property websites give for Moving to Cyprus

During the course of 2012 we'll be taking a close look at the reasons listed below, and explaining in more detail how some of them are likely to affect your life in real terms once you've decided you're moving to Cyprus.

Around 90% of Greek-Cypriots speak English. Since Cyprus was effectively in British hands between 1878 and 1960, there is definitely a very 'colonial' feel to the island. To this day two 'UK Sovereign Base Areas' exist on the south coast, further strengthening the ties to the UK.

Cyprus' Electrics are identical to UK Electrics. Cyprus, like the UK runs on a Voltage of 220-240 Volts. It even uses identical 3-pin plugs to the UK, thus cutting out the need for inconvenient travel adaptors.

Beach and rocky coast near the Kourion archaeological site

The Cypriot system of law and order is based on the British system. Once again we return to Cyprus' time as a colony. Its legal system was imported from Britain and has evolved in strikingly similar ways since the Republic's independence in 1960.

Medical care & insurance are more advanced and economical than in the UK. Far from being a back country medical system, Cyprus provides advanced care at comparatively low rates. British Citizens travelling in possession of a form E111 or EHIC card are entitled to free healthcare. For those staying a little longer or moving to Cyprus, private medical insurance starts at around €250 per annum. The majority of doctors in Cyprus' hospitals are also trained in the UK or the USA, so there is no question of third world medical care.

Cyprus is the most 'Crime-free' E.U. country.. According to European Union statistics, the crime rate in Cyprus is only 16% of that in the average European Country. This contributes to make Cyprus one of the safest places to live in Europe. Read more...

Cyprus Crime Rate

Cyprus is steeped in culture, myth and history. The island is the legendary birth place of Aphrodite. Cyprus has been part of the Egyptian, Greek and Roman empires and was visited by St. Paul on his first missionary journey. Limassol is the place where Richard the Lionheart married Princess Berengaria in 1191. There are also any number of archaeological sites and historical monuments to visit and explore, providing a unique insight into the island's past. Click here for more information about Cyprus' history.

In Cyprus, you can water ski and downhill ski on the same morning. There are only a few places on the planet where you can conveniently enjoy downhill skiing and swimming in the sea on the same day without having to travel hundreds of miles. However, in the Troodos mountains at the heart of Cyprus, snow is a common occurrence each winter. And what's more, Mount Olympus is only about an hour's drive from the beaches of Limassol.

In fact, the only two other places nearby where this is geographically convenient are the Lebanon and Iran.

Skiing in CyprusWater skiing in Cyprus

And let's face it, which of the three would you choose?


Cypriots drive on the right side of the road. That is to say, the correct side of the road, which, as we all know, is the left. Because Cyprus, like Great Britain, is an island, there has been no great pressure from neighbouring countries to change the driving system from left to right. So, in this manner, as in many others, the Republic seems more than happy to retain its colonial heritage, which in turn makes the British expatriates moving to Cyprus feel right at home.

Driving on the Left in Cyprus

The Cost of living in Cyprus is far lower than in the UK. The Cypriot equivalent to 'Council Tax' in an average Cypriot village amounts to about €260 per year. Local Cigarettes cost less than €3.50 and a pint of beer about €2.40. According to European Union Data, cost of living in Cyprus is only 75% of the European average.

It has to be said at this stage that, while still valid for the rest of the E.U, the above comparison to the UK is no longer as accurate as it once was. This is, however, more due to Sterling taking a beating on the international currency markets than anything else. What's more, while tomatoes may now be a little cheaper in England, Cyprus still doesn't have an average council tax bill of £1,500 per year. You can buy a lot of extra vegetables with that...

To find out more about living in Cyprus click here.

Cyprus is used as a manufacturing base by many companies. As a consequence, a number of major brands are available far cheaper than in the UK. A similar situation exists with various furniture manufacturers, and even some consumer electronics companies.

The tree-covered foothills of the Troodos Mountains above Lefkara

You will find a wide variety of scenic beauty. From dramatic mountain views to breathtaking seascapes and sunsets which are simply 'to die for', Cyprus has it all. An outstanding example of the sheer scenic beauty of Cyprus is 'Petra tou Romiou, The rock of Romios', where Aphrodite is said to have first landed on the island which was to become her home. Gazing directly westwards across the waves and into the setting sun, the next nearest piece of land is Tripoli, the Libyan capital.

The sun shines for most of the year in Cyprus Although some sources will tell you that the average number of sunny days in Cyprus is 340 or even 360 per year, the accurate average for the island as a whole is actually 326 sunshine days per annum. Click here for Cyprus Weather Information.

For retired folks, Cyprus has better tax laws. British Citizens moving to Cyprus and having their pension paid out there will only be taxed at 5% by the Ministry of Finance, thus gaining an immediate 17% rise in income.

These days, of course, for British pensioners living in Cyprus, any tax advantages gained are once again offset by Sterling's abysmal performance against the Euro. Nevertheless, you still pay less taxes here...

The island of Cyprus is rich in local wines, seafoods and other gastronomic delights. Whether its a traditional Moussaka or something a little more adventurous, Cypriot food will amaze you. In this unspoiled country, flavours seem more intense. Due to the island's sun kissed slopes Cypriot wine is delightful, and possibly among the most under-rated wines on the planet.

You can find more great reasons for Moving to Cyprus by clicking here.

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