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More commonly cited advantages of moving to Cyprus

What you have here are more of the same tired old things cited by estate agents and overseas property companies to let you know what a wonderful plan moving to Cyprus is.

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Moving to Cyprus is about more than rose-tinted spectacles

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Information about Cyprus

We've put this page here to show you how patently absurd the claims and promises made by many overseas property companies actually are when compared to the serious information you actually need to reach an informed decision about relocating to the Republic.

Take a look at some of the statements below, and then read through our own nine reasons for and against moving to Cyprus, and you'll see that a move abroad involves far more than the fine promises of an estate agent.

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Here are more of the rose-tinted reasons estate agents give for Moving to Cyprus

Once again, I'll be examining the reasons listed below during the course of the year, and providing
an explanation of what these pat statements actually mean in real terms.

Please note that all (italics in brackets) are notes already added.

A few more reasons

A couple can enjoy a comfortable, social lifestyle for less than €20,000 per year.

If you own the house, you own the land!
Unlike some other countries (i.e. Spain), where the government permits the acquisition of foreign owned land by unscrupulous developers without legal recourse by the owners of the property.

Cyprus contains some of the finest Greco/Roman archaeology and monuments in the world.

Telephone call rates in Cyprus are amongst the lowest in Europe.

In Cyprus, you are allowed to marry after just three days residence! Let us know whether this is a good idea or not.

Cyprus has little or no vandalism & violence.

About 50% of Cypriot TV programmes are broadcast in English.

On May 1st 2004, Cyprus became a full member of the European Union, except for the illegally occupied Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

Cypriot roads do not suffer from M25 syndrome; no traffic jams!

Immigrant retirees are permitted to import a duty free car. (In the wake of E.U. membership, this law is defunct)

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... and a few more still

Cyprus Property gives Golden opportunities for high yield investments (Does anyone actually still believe this?)

There is virtually no Graffiti in Cyprus!

The is virtually no Graffiti in Cyprus

In Cyprus, the maximum driving time to anywhere from Paphos or Larnaca airport is less than 2 hours, unless you're using a donkey!

In Cyprus, there is no inheritance tax!

Almost all Cypriot property is Freehold. Leasehold is hardly known in Cyprus

Trains never run behind schedule; because Cyprus has no rail network.

Schools: Very high O & A level education, to UK University entry standards.

LADIES!! Yes, there are: shoe shops, and clothing shops, and... ladies...? Well I'm sure you get the idea.

The examples given here are just a small selection of what's out there...

We don't just want to sell you a property.
We make sure you're safe, satisfied and informed.

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Tax in Cyprus

If you want a real reason why moving to Cyprus might be a good idea, take a look at our section covering tax in Cyprus. Here you'll find a host of information about the many tax advantages of brought about by relocating to the Republic.

And let's face it for a minute, it's a far better reason than shoe shops, isn't it?
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