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Cyprus' Lifestyle mainly centers around Fun in the Sun

With an average 326 days of sunshine, it’s little wonder that the Cyprus lifestyle involves so many outdoor leisure activities, from high energy water sports to Alfresco dining.

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The Cyprus Lifestyle really does have something to offer everyone

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Information about Cyprus

Whatever your personal preference, you will find the ideal pastime for you amongst the many leisure activities in Cyprus. From action packed water sports to finding out about the island's rich and turbulent history, Aphrodite's isle has something for everyone.

Since Tsada Golf Course first opened its doors in 1994, there has been a huge increase in the popularity of Cyprus' golf courses. Aided by the announcement of a further fourteen golf courses, along with the construction of a host of other leisure facilities, airport improvements and marinas, Cyprus aims to become one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean during the next few years.

  The 18th Green at Aphrodite Hills Golf Club
Paragliders above ancient Kourion's early Christian Basilica  

Throughout the entire year, thousands of visitors flock here from all parts of the world to enjoy the beauty of a land that is eager to unfold its secrets to those who like to search out ancient traditions and civilisations. Visit the CTO website for a taste of what Cyprus' lifestyle has in store for you.

If you love history:
According to legend, Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love was 'born' near Paphos. Cyprus has been part of the Egyptian, Greek, Persian and Roman empires. St Paul performed a number of miracles during his visit to the island. Richard the Lionheart married Princess Berengaria in 1191 in what is now Limassol.

There are any number of archaeological sites and monuments to visit and explore, giving a unique understanding into the island's past. Cyprus has a unique cultural tapestry comprising of pre-historic settlements, ancient Greek temples, Byzantine churches and monasteries with outstanding mosaics and wall paintings. There are also a number of Crusader castles, Gothic churches and Venetian forts adding to the overall historical blend that makes Cyprus so special.

For more information on the history of Cyprus, please click here.

...or maybe you like to take in the scenery.
There are various beauty spots throughout the island. From dramatic mountain views to breathtaking seascapes and sunsets which are simply 'to die for', Cyprus has it all. An outstanding example of the sheer scenic beauty of Cyprus is 'Petra tou Romiou, The rock of Romios', where Aphrodite is said to have first landed on the island. The views here are simply staggering.

For those who love hiking, there are various beautiful nature trails in the Troodos Mountains, such as the trail of Artemis (7km long) encircling Chionistra at an average height of 1850m. The trail of Atalanta (the ancient nymph of the forests) is 9km long, running from Troodos to the settlement of Chromion taking 3 to 5 hours to complete.

  The Kouris river, near the dam of the same name in the hills above Limassol

There is also the trail of Persephone (3km long) on the summit of Troodos. In addition the trail of the Nightingales (2km long) starting at near the President's summer residence and ends at the Kaledonia Waterfall near Platres at a height of 1340m. The spectacular Gorge of Avakas starts at Koloni and runs for 2km ending at Toxeftra. As you walk along this gorge, you are enclosed by sheer rock faces rising as high as 100m in places. There is a large variety of trees, wildflowers and rare flora, as well as wild animals and birds.

Skarfos Bridge in the hills above Paphos  

If you turn off the road from Paphos to Polis near the village of Stroumbi, you will find the 'Bridge of Skarfos'. The scenery in this part of Cyprus is beautifully lush, with cedar groves becoming more abundant as you venture further into the Troodos range.

In the island's east, the Larnaca salt-lakes near the city's international airport, are split into two by the modern road linking Larnaca and Kiti. They have a total area of about 3.5 square kilometres, lie 2 metres below sea level and attract many species of migratory birds, especially flamingoes, and ducks whose presence lends great beauty to the idyllic environment.

The Cyprus lifestyle also includes winter sports, as the island is one of only a few places on the planet where you can conveniently enjoy downhill skiing and swimming in the sea on the same morning without having to travel hundreds of miles. In fact, the only two other places nearby where this is geographically convenient are the Lebanon and Iran.

But the Cypriot lifestyle isn't just about being outdoors; it's about a little food and drink too

Whether its a traditional Moussaka and a glass of village wine, or something a little less well known, Cypriot food will amaze you. In this unspoiled Country, flavours seem somehow more intense. And, thanks to the island's sun kissed slopes, Cypriot wine is a delightful drink, which is quite possibly amongst the most under-rated wines on the planet.

Throughout the year, there are various cultural events taking place the Republic, as Cyprus' lifestyle generally loses no opportunity to be sociable, and display a love of life & entertainment. One of the major celebrations in this vein is the wine festival taking place in Limassol every September, with free wine being served for three solid days. Every town has its own flower festival, generally celebrated in May. Carnival is also celebrated in Limassol and Paphos with parades of people dancing in costumes.

All in all, the island's slow, easy-going sociable pace of life has much to recommend it to the visitor or prospective property buyer. In fact, our company's directors started out as tourists. They loved it so much, they bought property for themselves and are now living in Cyprus, enjoying the local lifestyle in the Mediterranean sunshine.

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The History of Cyprus

The contemporary history of Cyprus has been heavily influenced by the British, who took control of the island in 1878. which has meant As a result, the Cyprus legal system has followed the basic principles of its British counterpart, though it has of course evolved differently in some respects. This long-term British influence is responsible for all street & road signs being displayed in English and Greek.

The Weather in Cyprus

Cyprus' weather is considered fantastic by the British, who are not used to the 326 days of glorious sunshine which Cyprus enjoys each year. This beautiful weather means that there is plenty of time to enjoy the multitude of leisure activities in Cyprus, from snow skiing during the morning in the Troodos Mountains, to swimming in the Mediterranean Sea on the same afternoon. It's also worth mentioning that the majority of beaches in Cyprus carry the prestigious Blue Flag award.

Larnaca Golf & Country Club

A few miles south of Larnaca town and the international airport you will find the small village of Tersefanou. At first glance, this is just another sleepy Cypriot community. On closer examination, however, you will find it to be the home of the proposed Larnaca Golf and Country Club, the championship standard golf course in the east of Cyprus.

Originally scheduled for completion in 2009, this new country club has been beset with delays, as the Cypriot government's initiative to construct fourteen new golf courses for the Republic has met with a large number of obstacles.
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