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Aphrodite gives you with a list of no-nonsense answers to some commonly asked questions about importing pets, and property lawyers in Cyprus, along with links to more information.

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Some common questions about Cyprus' property lawyers and pets

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Answers to common questions about Cypriot lawyers, importing pets, and more

How much will a property lawyer cost?

As a general rule, different lawyers charge at different rates, depending on property size, location, and not least, on their reputation. What's more, this is one aspect of your property purchase where cheapest never equates to best. You have been told.

For instance, a lawyer in Paphos may charge anywhere up to €3,000 to oversee the sale of a large villa, while a lawyer of similar standing operating in the Paralimni area may charge half this price for an identical service.

It is worth noting that these legal fees will normally include a check with the Cypriot Land Registry Office to determine whether or not the property to be sold is encumbered by a mortgage. They will also include submission of the sales contracts to the Land Registry Office.

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Is there an inheritance tax in Cyprus?

Cyprus has no inheritance taxes, nor does it have any gift taxes.

However, if you are a British citizen, the British government will most likely attempt to levy UK inheritance tax, though there are ways and means to deal with this. We can advise you further on this matter if necessary.

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How do I find property maintenance services?

Whether you require general maintenance services, gardening or pool cleaning services, or even just someone to keep an eye on your property whilst you are not there, we can recommend a number of reputable , British-operated companies to suit your individual needs.

Regular maid and cleaning services are also available in most towns and villages. These are often in high demand, as a high standard is especially important if you are letting out your property to holiday makers.

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Can I bring pets into Cyprus?

Cyprus is part of the 'Pet Passport' scheme. Pets may be brought into the Country, provided all the required vaccinations have been carried out, and the animal is accompanied by the relevant paperwork on its arrival in the country.

Cyprus also imposes a 'house quarantine' of 6 months. This negates the stress and expense caused by kennel quarantines, be enabling you to keep your pet in your own home for the required period of time.

Please note that a number of websites will still tell you that a permit needs to be issued by the Department of Veterinary Services in Nicosia, but in the wake of E.U. membership this is no longer necessary.

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What if I buy an older property in Cyprus?

Care should be taken when buying properties over a certain age. They may not conform to modern safety regulations, and their build quality can sometimes be poor. This particular piece of advice does of course not apply to old village houses and suchlike, but only to homes constructed between 1960 and the introduction of new building-safety and earthquake regulations in 1992.

Whatever the case, if you're purchasing an older property, it is recommended to haveit surveyed by a professional surveyor. This will save any possible aggravation and heartache after the sale is complete.

We are able to recommend reputable surveyors if required.

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Am I able to work in Cyprus?

Since Cyprus' accession into the European Union, any European Union citizen may live and work freely in Cyprus. Non E.U. citizens will require a residence permit and work permit, which may be applied for at any Cypriot Embassy or High Commission.

The subject of working in Cyprus is among the questions we get asked the most. It must be said that unless you're a skilled professional or self-employed, you're likely to find the going tough, as the Cypriot job market has been swamped with cheap workers from other new European Union member states like Bulgaria and Romania.

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