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Up-to-date Cyprus Food Prices for 2011

Recently, many expatriates have complained that Cyprus' food prices have risen dramatically since the early part of 2010. But have price increases here really been above average?

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In Cyprus, food prices have risen no more than elsewhere

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One simple fact many expatriates living in Cyprus seem to cheerfully overlook, is that British prices have not stood still during the years they've spent on Aphrodite's Isle. In fact, if anything, the cost of living in the UK is still rather higher than in the Republic, once taxes are factored.

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Please note that all grocery prices on this page are standard supermarket prices, not accounting for special offers. If you're shopping in smaller, tourist-zone supermarkets, expect to pay a lot more.

Meat Prices in Cyprus

The meat prices given here are on a per-kilo basis for pre-packed items.

Sirloin Steak   €14.50
Pork Chops   €4.75
Chicken Breasts   €9.99

Vegetable Prices in Cyprus

Vegetable prices are given for one kilo of local produce, and may vary according to season.

Tomatoes   €1.29
Carrots   €0.79
Onions   €0.59

Rice, Pasta & Potato Prices

All rice, pasta and potato prices given are for mid-range products in quantities detailed below.

Long-Grain Rice (500g)   €1.19
Spaghetti (500g)   €1.19
Cyprus Potatos (1kg)   €0.79

Condiment Prices in Cyprus

All condiment prices are given here for 500g bottles or jars

Heinz Ketchup   €3.19
Hellman's Mayonaise   €3.79
HP Brown Sauce   €4.89

A short Comment on Food Prices in Cyprus

On the whole, the cost of living in Cyprus is actually quite affordable. The main source of so many complaints during the past year or thereabouts has been the fact that many British expatriates over here are retired, and dire Sterling/Euro exchange rates has effectively caused them a 35% pay-cut through no fault of their own.

It's not so much a case of Cyprus food prices rising any more than elsewhere in recent times; it's the Pound not being worth nearly as much as it used to be.

  You wanted to know about Beanz too, right?
A Can of Heinz Baked Beans
Bring your own if you can.
These things are €1.59 per tin in Cyprus!

These prices were last checked at Carrefour Main Store, Larnaca on Fri, April 13th 2012.

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