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If you're coming to the island on holiday and you're renting a car, Cyprus' Petrol Prices will probably come as a pleasant surprise, as you're saving about 20% compared to British pumps.

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But are Cyprus' petrol prices actually cheaper for those living here?

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Taken at face-value when you're on holiday over here, Cyprus' petrol prices are substantially cheaper than their UK equivalents. However, once you take the island's infrastructure and comparatively low wages into account, does the fuel really cost any less in the Republic?

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In a word: NO

In fact, for many Cypriots the rising cost of fuel represents a huge issue, because over the past few years, average wages in the Republic have failed to keep pace with the rising cost of living in Cyprus.

Since the adoption of the Euro as the currency of Cyprus, petrol prices, along with pretty much everything else, have been steadily rising, while wages have remained almost constant, suppressed by the steadily growing influx of cheap labour from new Eastern-Bloc E.U. members such as Bulgaria and Romania who've been working in Cyprus during the past three years.

After brewing for the past couple of years, his situation is now creating open criticism from the voting public.


Up-to-Date Cyprus Petrol Prices:

Current Cyprus Petrol Prices - Correct as of March 9th 2010

Please note that these petrol prices reflect the current state of play at pumps in the Larnaca area, and are updated on a weekly basis. Last checked at the EKO petrol station in Oroklini on Fri, April 13th 2012.

Did you hear about the Cyprus Fuel Strike? No? Nobody mentioned it, eh?

At the end of February this year, the nation's disgruntlement with rising fuel costs looked like they were finally coming to a head, as the government announced a cap on the price of unleaded petrol set at €0.95, accusing petrol retailers of artificially inflating pump prices despite the globally falling cost of oil.

Local petrol companies reacted immediately by announcing an indefinite strike, basically threatening to close the nation's pumps until such time as the government relented.

  The EKO Petrol Station at Oroklini Village

With neither side willing to give ground, the Republic of Cyprus readied itself for the inevitable eight-day fuel crisis by overcrowding petrol stations and filling every available container to overflowing. But the threatened strike action never materialized, being officially called-off at the last moment. This happened on February 22nd 2010, and since then the public row over Cyprus' petrol prices has gone suspiciously quiet. I guess we shall see what happens next; I'll keep you posted here.

Meanwhile, let me leave you with this last piece of information: "In view of the announced price-freeze, and the subsequently canceled strike-action, the price for a liter of unleaded fuel at the average petrol station in the Larnaca area jumped to €0.989 less than two weeks later."

Makes you wonder what happened there then, doesn't it?

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