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Up-to-Date Tobacco and Beer Prices in Cyprus

It seems that whenever one of us speaks to first-time tourists and holidaymakers, we get quizzed about tobacco and beer prices in Cyprus. So here are a few prices to give you a general idea.

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More tourists than ever are taking advantage of Cyprus' tobacco prices

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Lately, more British tourists have been taking advantage of the low tobacco prices in Cyprus than ever before. In this way, the money they save on cigarettes goes a long way towards paying for their holiday in the Cypriot sunshine.
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Please note that all prices quoted on this page are standard supermarket prices, not accounting for special offers. There are some tourist-zone tobacconists and off-licences offering substantial discounts off the prices on this page, if only one buys a sufficiently large quantity, and is willing to haggle a little.

Beer Prices in Cyprus

The prices given here relate to large bottles of local beers which hold 637ml, or basically a pint and a bit, in old money. There are other sizes available, but these are most economical.

KEO   €1.39
Carlsberg   €1.39
Leon   €1.15

Imported Spirit Prices in Cyprus

When buying spirits in Cyprus, we tend to deal mainly in liter-bottles as it's a lot cheaper that way, so that's what these prices are for. We've listed three; others are in the same ballpark.

Grouse Whisky   €14.99
Gordon's Gin   €14.99
Smirnoff Vodka   €13.99

Cigarette Prices in Cyprus

We could put an endless list of cigarette prices on this page, but there'd be little point as they're all pretty much in the same range. Here are the three most popular brands with prices for 20.

B&H Gold   €5.25
Marlboro Red   €5.15
Embassy #1   €4.59

Loose Tobacco Prices in Cyprus

These tobacco prices are for single 50g (2oz) pouches in a typical supermarket. Again, substantial discounts can be obtained for larger quantities, and shopping in the right places.

Golden Virgina   €6.20
Old Holborn   €6.20
Drum   €5.79

A last word about Tobacco, Spirit, and Beer prices in Cyprus

At the beginning of December 2010, the Cypriot government introduced a massive 30% tax hike on all tobacco products. While this was ostensibly done in an effort to curb smoking and improve the population's health, there has been a lot of general speculation that these increases are solely designed to bolster the government's coffers in much the same way as the fuel price hike earlier in the year.

Whatever the case may be, cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco are no longer as inexpensive in the Republic of Cyprus as they once were, though they're still substantially lower priced than in the United Kingdom.

If you're on holiday and planning to take home a few supplies, it really does pay to take a little time and shop around for the best tobacco and beer prices in Cyprus.

Supermarkets tend to quite rigid, with no quantity discounts available. Tourist area tobacconists, on the other hand, do tend to be quite flexible and helpful in their approach, so you're liable to get a better deal. Just remember that Cypriots were born to be haggled with, and even their comparatively low prices can be lowered a bit more if only you put in a little effort.

  Bottles of Keo, Leon and Carlsberg

These prices were last checked at Orphanides Main Store, Larnaca on Fri, April 13th 2012.

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