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Limni Golf Resort - Will it actually be finished on time?

Over the past few years, many inaccurate claims have been made about the construction of new golf courses in Cyprus. What exactly makes the Limni Golf Resort any different from these?

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Very good reasons why the Limni Golf Resort will stay on schedule

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For starters, the simple fact that two such golfing greats as Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player have committed themselves to the construction of signature venues at Limni should go some way towards putting skeptical minds to rest.

Then there's the rather important fact that, unlike other resorts, which have been promising the start of construction for a couple of years, the earthworks at the Limni Golf Resort are already nearing completion.


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The cost of these works alone is massive

The earthworks which have been carried out at Limni since 2009 aren't of the usual 'half a dozen workmen and a bulldozer' variety. They involve a huge amount of machinery and manpower, and are being undertaken by the largest construction firm in Cyprus, the same company which constructed the 'Mall of Cyprus', and the neighbouring Ikea, at Nicosia.

At an estimated cost of around €27 million, these earthworks alone constitute a substantial financial investment by Limni Golf Resort's owners, hardly the sort of money you would throw away on a project you're not planning to finish.


View of the earthworks at Limni's Jack Nicklaus' course, seen from an adjacent hillside

Completion for this particular phase of the resort's construction has been scheduled for the end of the year, and from what we at Aphrodite saw when we took a look at the site in early September (2010) it certainly looks as though the works are progressing according to plan.

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Earthworks at the plateau on which Limni Golf Resort's 'Hills' course will be built


The Limni Seafront is changing

Preparatory to the start of the courses' construction at the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011, the Limni beach-front is undergoing some major changes. Among others, these include the restoration of the site's 150 metre pier, and the grooming of its coastal forest.

This program is carried out in addition to the already extensive earthworks on the site, and in itself is another sure sign that its owners are neither contemplating to abandon the project, nor put it on the back burner.

Limni will have its own water supply

According to government legislation regulating the issue of permits for Cyprus' new golf courses, each planned resort must have its own water source, independent of the Republic's national supply, before the final licence for its construction will be issued.

The regulation is simple: No water, no Fairways

This requirement by itself put an end to quite a few of the initial golf course licence applications. Limni Golf Resort's developers, however, have already commissioned the construction of a private desalination plant which will provide both courses, the associated facilities and its residential developments, with their own dedicated water supply. This has opened the way for the resort to be given the green light by the Cypriot Ministry of the Interior.

The construction schedule for the Limni Golf Resort is now set, and barring the discovery of unforeseen archaeological relics and remains, there is nothing which is likely to prevent its completion according to its owners' plans.

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