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Limni Golf Resort, on the North-West coast of Cyprus

With two signature courses, designed by golfing legends Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player respectively, Limni Golf Resort is far and away the most prestigious of Cyprus' new golf venues.

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Limni Golf Resort is vital for the future of golf tourism in Cyprus

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As the only two-signature venue planned on the island, there really is no way to overstate the importance of Limni Golf Resort's role in Cyprus' golfing future.

Set on 2.9 million square metres of prime coastal real estate just two miles east of Polis, on the shores of Chrysochous Bay, Limni is a two-course stroke of design genius located in one of the most scenically beautiful regions of Cyprus.


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A golf resort like no other...

Instead of taking the conventionally chosen route, and creating a 36-hole venue centred around a single clubhouse, Limni Golf Resort actually consists of two separate golf clubs, complete with clubhouses, training academies, practice greens, and resident professionals. This rather unique approach has allowed Limni to take maximum advantage of its stunning and scenically varied natural surroundings.

From its coastal fairways the resort runs straight into the Troodos foothills, which at this point start just a couple of miles inland. To take maximum advantage of this unusual geographical configuration, the decision was taken to construct a beach-side and a mountain course, both with their own clubs, as well as a host of other leisure, sports and residential developments


The Limni Golf Resort near Polis

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But while Limni is officially termed as a Mixed-Use Leisure Resort, its first and formost role is to spearhead Cyprus' quest to establish itself as a top-flight destination on the global golf map.

And, as you might expect from a high-profile project such as this, the course design at Limni Golf Resort has not been left to just anyone. Instead, two golfing legends have undertaken the task to create a pair of spectacular Links which will establish Cyprus on the international golfing scene once and for all.

Lapped by the Mediterranean Sea along a 750m stretch of shoreline, the coastal course is an exquisitely crafted piece of golfing architecture by legendary player and course designer Jack Nicklaus, while Limni's 'Mountain' course is the vision of South African golfing legend Gary Player. Situated in the coastal hills at an elevation of around two hundred metres above sea level, this spectacular course boasts unrivalled views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Akamas peninsula.

Limni Golf Resort's courses are scheduled for completion in 2012


Not just another 36-hole golf club...

Limni Golf Resort is one of only two 36-hole venues planned in Cyprus; the other is the Secret Valley Golf Club. However, there are some rather pronounced differences between these two much anticipated leisure projects.

The most immediately obvious of these differences is the simple fact that, unlike Secret Valley, Limni does not have a motorway running through the middle of its proposed seafront leisure area. Instead, its seven hundred and fifty metres of beachfront are graced by a pair of fairways, which in turn are overlooked by a handful of the most luxurious and exclusive golf villas to be found anywhere in the world. And that is the second major difference between Limni and Secret Valley.

Due to the local geography, all golf properties at Secret Valley are set on the hill adjacent to the course, allowing only a few of them any kind of view of the golf course itself.

Not so at the Limni Golf Resort, where several hundred large building plots line the expansive fairways, ready to receive custom designed homes, built to their buyers' specifications.

What really sets Limni Golf Resort apart from the crowd is its vision, and meticulous planning.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to convey the sheer scope, size and grandeur of the Limni Golf Resort to anyone who has not yet visited the site itself.

Limni is not crammed into a confined space, the way the Elea Golf Resort is for instance. Nor does it struggle with the local geography like Aphrodite Hills, or suffer from a repetitive playing experience like Tsada. It is conceived from the very first as Cyprus' premier world-class golf resort, a 36-hole, two-signature extravaganza which makes the most of its spectacular natural surroundings.

Situated on the site of a former copper mine, the resort stretches inland for over three miles, its vast grounds steadily climbing from the coastal plain into fringes of the Troodos foothills. These grounds are currently being sculpted by a twenty-seven million Euro program of eathworks, so as to prepare it to receive the two masterpiece golf courses. Both halves of Limni are also expansive by anyone's standards, with fairways and vast 'green areas' weaving around the generously proportioned* building plots of the resorts. Looking at the provisional masterplan, it becomes immediately obvious that the resorts have been purposefully planned to provide the most spectacular views possible from both the fairways and greens, and the luxury homes adjacent to the golf courses..

And though it is currently still in the early stages of construction, the Limni project is already more or less unanimously regarded as the leading development of its kind not only in Cyprus, but anywhere in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Indeed, there is little doubt by its developers, Cyprus' government officials, or even many golf pundits, that this project will stake the island's claim on the international golfing map once and for all.

*Cyprus' legislation governing the new golf courses specifies that the minimum plot size for properties within the resorts must be no less than 600m² . Limni Golf Resort's plot sizes actually start at 800m².

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Argaka Village

Argaka is located about two miles north east of the Limni Golf Resort. And although the old village core with its picturesque church is set about a mile inland, the community stretches all the way down to the coast these days.

Unsurprisingly enough, Argaka village has begun to attract a great deal of attention from property buyers and potential investors since the announcement that two signature golf courses were about to be constructed in the neighbourhood.
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A fairway at another of Cyprus' golf courses

Kinousa Village

Kinousa is a tiny village sitting atop the hill which overlooks both of Limni's forthcoming golf courses. And while only a year ago, scarcely anyone had ever heard of the little community, it is now one of the most sought-after locations in Cyprus with property buyers. Indeed, Kinousa is one of the few communities in the Republic where property sales are still booming, despite the economic downturn.
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