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The Secret Valley Golf Course and Country Club

As its name implies, the Secret Valley Golf and Country Club is set in a small river valley (Ha Potami*), running through the coastal hills near Aphrodite’s Rock on Cyprus’ west coast.

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The Secret Valley golf course is located a stone's throw from Kouklia

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Opened back in 1996 just two miles south-east of Kouklia village, Secret Valley was the second 18-hole grass course to be constructed on the island, and rapidly became the local player’s favourite.

But now, almost a decade and a half later, the existing course has become more than a little dated, and provides a somewhat samey playing experience, especially when compared to the next generation of Cyprus' golfing venues, such as the Elea Golf Course near Paphos.


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Will the Secret Valley Golf Resort ever happen?
Will it ever happen?
A few things to consider
Map of the current Secret Valley golf course
Secret Valley Course Map
Overview of the current golf course
Tony Jacklin's Signature Course
Tony Jacklin & Secret Valley?
A Look at the Grand Design

Promises to remodel the Secret Valley Golf Course go back to 2007

In a press-release back in 2007, it was announced that British golfing legend Tony Jacklin would carry out the re-design of the Secret Valley golf course, turning it from a basic 18-hole venue into a scenically spectacular 36-hole golfing tour de force.

And so, starting with a complete overhaul of the clubhouse at a cost well in excess of two million Euros, work began to turn Secret Valley from a small, provincial golf course, into an international standard golfing resort rivalling the likes of La Manga in Spain or Vale do Lobos in Portugal.


The clubhouse at Secret Valley Golf Course

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Looking across the Secret Valley Golf Course from the cliffs to the north


Flight of Fancy or Boastful Plan?

Over three years later, the promised conversion of Secret Valley's golf course has yet to commence.

What's more, while 2010 has seen a veritable flurry of announcements concerning other forthcoming golf resorts across Cyprus, there has been no news with regards to Secret Valley for a very long time, despite earlier claims of unlimited financial backing and support from both the PGA and the Cypriot government. Statements that the Secret Valley Course would eventually become part of the European Tour also seem doubtful in view of the fact that other planned venues are now making similar claims.

At this stage there is certainly something of a Sword of Damocles hanging over the resort's future.

In its current condition, the Secret Valley golf course is no longer an effective contender

Certainly, the resort’s fabulous location in a scenic river valley between the town of Pissouri and the village of Kouklia contributes to its rather unique charm. With truly spectacular rock formations, and views of the sea and the mountains further inland, Secret Valley boasts an almost dream-like country club atmosphere. But this ambiance comes at an unexpected price, unexpected at least for an arid island like Cyprus.

The golf course at Secret Valley suffers from severe drainage problems.

It is ironic that while a shortage of viable water sources has presented the largest obstacle for Cyprus' forthcoming venues, its riverbed setting cause the Secret Valley golf course to suffer from a surfeit of moisture. In fact, as any golfer who's played the course in between the end of November and the end of March will tell you, the course can be positively boggy during these months. Although the riverbed in which the course is situated has been dry for many years, the valley still boasts an unusually high groundwater table, which, in turn, accounts for Secret Valley's marshy playing conditions during the winter months.

Unsurprisingly, Tony Jacklin's plans include a complete overhaul of course drainage.

Then there's the course itself, almost fifteen years old, and completely unchanged during this time. Back in 1996, when Tsada, itself had only opened a couple of years earlier, and was the only other 18-hole grass venue in the Republic of Cyprus, the Secret Valley golf course could justifiably claim supremacy. These days, however, there are already a number of viable competitors to be found along the island's west coast. Even Tsada has long since been overhauled by iconic course designers Mackenzie & Ebert, and rebranded as Minthis Hills.

And still Secret Valley golf course, with its mostly straight, flat Fairways and almost uniform Greens, sits unchanged in the Ha Potami river valley, surrounded by beautifully scenic rock formations and big plans.

The question is: "Will its new golf courses ever be built?"

* Ha Potami being Greek for Low River

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Cyprus' 14 new golf courses?

Given economic developments, both globally and in Cyprus, over the past couple of years, chances are that some of the fourteen new courses currently being planned across the Republic will never be constructed. But while some cynics have applied this scenario to all of Cyprus' new golf courses, the simple fact is that quite a few of the Republic's forthcoming golf resorts have the necessary backing to be carried through to successful completion.

The trick is knowing which ones...

As a buyer, you're currently confronted with a staggering choice of golf properties in Cyprus, not all of which are likely to produce the returns promised by their owners and developers. Ultimately, mainly due to a number of hiccoughs and continuing delays, properties at the Secret Valley golf course are no longer seen as the prime investments they once were, pending further developments with the club's planned remodelling, of course.

What's more, the newly approved Larnaca Golf Course and Country Club, currently being planned outside the small village of Tersefanou, a few miles from Larnaca, is another example of residential golf complexes which is raising eyebrows.
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