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Tersefanou Golf Course... to be or not to be?

Although final planning permission was granted in April 2010, the forthcoming Tersefanou Golf Course has been the cause of much debate and uncertainty in recent times.

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Many say that Tersefanou Golf Course is on the rocks...

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Once again Tersefanou, a small farming community south-west of Larnaca, is the centre of much discussion. Long advertised as future home to the forthcoming Tersefanou Golf Resort, the village has featured in local and national news bulletins since the project's launch back in 2006.

However, despite the fact that final planning approval for the resort was granted in April 2010, its construction continues to be plagued by one delay after another.


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Is it a question of money?

If one is to believe claims made by the recently formed Larnaca Golf Property Action Group (LGPAG), no finances are currently available to fund the construction of the planned golf course, let alone the rest of the golf resort.

Citing 'many reliable sources', LGPAG claim that the Tersefanou Golf Course is in dire financial straits, and that members of the action group were sold golf properties in and around the proposed resort under clearly false pretences between 2006 and 2008.

As a result, the members of LGPAG have now sought legal advice with a view towards bringing the matter before the courts of Cyprus.


Porta-cabin and sign marking the former sales office for Tersefanout Golf Course properties

But while this announcement has sparked a tirade of heated discussion on both sides of the matter, here at Aphrodite we are in the habit of neither endorsing nor condemning any given property development without first gathering as much information as possible. With this in mind, two of our staff went to take a look at what's happening right now at the Tersefanout Golf Resort - or rather on the land which it will occupy, if and when it is finally built - at the beginning of April.

Here's how things looked at the Tersefanou site on April 6th 2011

Sign at the Entrance to the Tersefanout Golf Course site

A few hundred yards after leaving Tersefanou on the Klavdia road, one encounters a faded, somewhat forlorn looking sign declaring that 'the landscape is changing'. Marking the entrance of what would be the golf resport proper, it stands by the side of the road against a backdrop of apartment blocks. Not much further towards Kalvdia another tattered roadside billboard looms out of the grass next to the Larnaca Golf Course sales office, an abandoned-looking portacabin sitting on a weedy slab of concrete.

The abandoned looking Tersefanou golf sales porta-cabin


It's not looking too good so far...

Heading off the main road, we wind our way up into the neighbouring hills to gain a better overview of the entire Tersefanou Golf Course site.

Looking across the entire site, towards Dromolaxia and past the ancient little church at the golf course's eastern end, there are no signs of construction to be seen anywhere. In fact, at this time of year, when Cyprus is at its greenest, the view from the adjacent hillside across the wheat fields and towards the Mediterranean Sea is positively idyllic, and as yet still completely free of any heavy machinery.

View across the Tersefanou Golf site from the neighbouring hills

Of course we are not here for the view, but to make some kind of assessment whether there is any truth in the rumours about Tersefanou Golf Course being in trouble, or in the consequent counter-roumors about construction having already started in November 2010.

Looking at the site from up here, we can confidently say that there not a single sign of construction anywhere in view, and, if anything, the place looks positively abandoned aside from a few stray goats.

Nevertheless, we're not quite ready to
call it a day just yet.

So we decide to call some of the telephone numbers on the aforementioned golf resort billboards.

Even after a number of tries we do not get an answer on any of them, which is strange, given the fact that this is meant to be an extremely high profile leisure and property development. In the end we decide to call the development company in charge of construction at the resort, only to be transferred to one of its managers almost without any hesitation by the receptionist.

Following a series of profuse apologies about perceived misunderstandings on the local property market between 2006 and 2009, we are assured that the Tersefanou Golf Course will in fact go ahead, and that all our questions and concerns would be addressed soon by the launch of the Larnaca Golf Resort's new website.


Tattered roadside sign advertising the Tersefanou Golf Course

Frankly, the whole thing sounded as though it had already been said countless times to other concerned callers, which is perhaps understandable given the sheer level of conflicting rumours about this high profile project...

Ultimately then, a Sword of Damocles still seems to hover above the course's future

All things considered, there currently really is no good reason for golf aficionados or prospective property investors to consider the Tersefanou Golf course as a serious proposition, though if the developer in charge of the project is to be believed this should change in the foreseeable future. Time will tell, and we'll keep you posted.

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Please note that all images on this page which depict finished golf courses were taken at the Aphrodite Hills resort, and are included here to provide an example for general guidance only.

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All sharing the same fate?

While there are of course any number of rumours that the rest of Cyprus' next generation of golf resorts share and uncertain fate with Tersefanou, this is not in fact the case.

One need only look at the monumental, multi-million Euro earthworks already underway at Limni, and at preparations being made for the expansion of Secret Valley Golf Resort, to see that not all new fairways and links are facing uncertainty.
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