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Vikla Golf Course between Limassol and Larnaca

Vikla Golf course and country club beyond the outskirts of Limassol has taken a somewhat different approach to the three other courses currently operating in Cyprus.

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Vikla Golf Course is often seen as the 'odd one out'

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Indeed, Vikla is very much the ‘odd one out’ where Cyprus' golf courses are concerned; it has become a far more family-orientated golfing venue than Aphrodite Hills, Secret Valley or Tsada.


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What do we mean by 'Odd One Out'?

For one thing, it is the only currently operating facility not located in the Paphos area, and secondly, unlike the other three courses on the island, it started its life as a humble 9-hole venue which has been gradually extended over the years to become a most innovative and entertaining par 68, 18-hole course which makes clever use of 17 tees, 14 greens and 12 fairways.

Despite this seemingly strange setup, Vikla shouldn't be dismissed by serious golfers.


One of Vikla Golf Course's Fairways

One of Vikla's Fairways, seen from the Clubhouse Veranda


A Member of the Cyprus Golf Federation

Vikla Golf course is fully accredited by the Cyprus Golf Federation and, with its novel layout, offers infinitely more variety than an ordinary 9 hole/18 tee configuration would.
Furthermore, since during the hot summer months, the best time to play golf is in the early morning or the late afternoon and evening, Vikla remains open until sunset; whilst the island’s other courses do tend to shut their gates around 5.30PM.

The clubhouse does of course include the expected amenities, such as a pro-shop, bar & restaurant and swimming pool. It should also be noted that, unlike Aphrodite Hills, Secret Valley or Tsada, Vikla does not require a handicap certificate, thus making it an ideal starting point for novice golfers.

But there's also change in the wind for Vikla Golf Course and Country Club

Unlike the Republic's other golf courses, Vikla does not currently feature an onsite development of golf properties.
However, plans are now afoot to carry out extensive remodelling and expansion works to the existing course, in order to create a first rate 18-hole course (complete with 18 fairways) which should easily be a match for the newly remodelled Tsada. This is good news for property buyers, since it is currently still possible to buy properties in Vikla's immediate neighbourhood at extremely sensible prices. And whilst there can be no doubt that Vikla golf course will never be in the same league as Secret Valley or the Larnaca Golf and Country Club, its planned remodelling nevertheless makes it an extremely attractive proposition, not only from an avid golfer's point of view, but also where sheer investment potential is concerned.

In fact, properties around the Vikla course are widely tipped to be amongst the leading contenders where price appreciation during the coming five to ten years is concerned. If you would like more information about golf properties near Vikla, please contact us.

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