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The Truth about Cyprus' Temperatures

Anyone who's been to Aphrodite's Isle during the middle of summer or winter will realise that Cyprus' temperatures are somewhat misrepresented by estate agents and rental companies.

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Most websites give you an idealised version of Cyprus' temperatures

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Most estate agents and holiday rental specialists will be quick to tell you that in Cyprus, temperatures are warm and comfortable all year round. But usually their rose-tinted picture about the local climate deviates substantially from the island's real monthly averages.

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A Graph of 'Average' Cyprus Temperatures, as given by most Online Estate Agencies to mask the island's summer heat

Graph showing inaccurate average monthly Cyprus Temperatures

The thing about the average temperatures most estate agents present to visitors and prospective clients is that they're at best an 'idealized view' of the island's climate, and that they don't actually reflect the accurate seasonal averages.

Most of the temperatures in the above graph are either monthly highs or lows, depending on which is preferable to paint the perfect picture in the customer's eyes.


A Graph of accurate monthly average Day-Time Temperatures in Cyprus without Estate Agent's adjustment

Graph showing accurate monthly average temperatures in Cyprus

This is a far more accurate view of average day-time temperatures in Cyprus on a month-by-month basis. As you can see, this picture varies quite dramatically from the one most online estate agencies present you with, especially during the summer months.

A little Warning about the Summer Temperatures in Cyprus

As I've already said, the Summer temperatures in Cyprus get exceedingly hot, and between the middle of June and the middle of September most Cypriots don't tend to venture outside between 11AM and 4PM purely because of the scorching heat. Indeed, most non-tourist-based businesses will shut for lunch/siesta between 1PM and 4PM.

If you're in Cyprus during the Summer months and you're planning to see the sights, visit the beaches or generally be out of doors during the middle of the day, there are a few precautions you should take:

  1. Wear a Heavy-Duty Sunscreen. Take it from someone who lives here, don't mess around with Factor 20. You're a lot closer to the equator here than you are in the UK, and the sun is a lot stronger, so just go for the Factor 50 and have done with it. Take the word of someone who's lived in Cyprus for almost seven years, otherwise you'll likely be burned to a crisp if you're not careful.
  2. Wear a Hat. It may not be your choice of fashion-statement, and it certainly doesn't have to be a pith helmet, but a wide-rimmed hat is certainly an excellent asset in the hot Summer sun.
  3. Wear Decent Sunglasses. A good pair of lenses is another essential piece of equipment if you're out in the middle of the day, not only to cut the glare, but to protect your eyes from UV-Radiation.
  4. Whatever you do, and wherever you go, TAKE SOME WATER. Seriously folks, the summer temperatures in Cyprus are scorching, especially if you're from somewhere colder, like Britain. Dehydration is a real concern when you're out in the sun, so it's best to keep a bottle of water with you at all times. Most tourist and souvenier shops will also sell insulating pouches and bags, as well as ice to keep things cool on hot summer days.

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What many people fail to realise is that Aphrodite's Isle is about far more than summer sunshine and crystal blue seas. Indeed, in Cyprus, snow is not an uncommong thing at all, as winter temperatures in the Troodos Mountains are such that the summit of Mount Olympus is turned into a ski resort for about three months each year.
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