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Argaka - A Tranquil Haven on Chrysochous Bay

Located in the north of Paphos district only a few miles from the town of Polis, the agricultural village of Argaka is located on the sloping hillsides overlooking the scenic Chrysochous Bay.

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Argaka village actually consists of two separate communities

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Like many other Cypriot villages, Argaka is divided into two separate and contrasting settlements; Pano and Kato Argaka (Upper & Lower Argaka, respectively).

Consisting mainly of traditional limestone dwellings and with something of a meandering layout, Pano Argaka is the older of the two communities. Here, the traditional spirit of Cyprus is still very much in evidence and the local taverna provides a focal point for the village’s residents to gather, exchange news and pass the time of day.

Set somewhat lower on the slopes above Chrysochous Bay and closer to the Polis - Pomos road, Kato Argaka is a more contemporary settlement, which has recently come to the notice of prospective homebuyers looking for properties well off the beaten track.

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75% of the local population engage in agricultural activities

Both parts of the village provide outstanding views, not only of the Mediterranean Sea, but also of the mountains further inland but, whilst Argaka is covered by urban planning regulations, the steadily growing stream of new property developments seen in some other parts of Cyprus, has thankfully remained absent from this beautifully scenic village.

Furthermore, since some 75% of locals are actively involved in agriculture, the landscape surrounding Argaka has retained a traditional and almost dreamlike air and has officially been designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty, offering panoramic vistas of the bay below and the pine covered slopes above.


Argaka Village Church seen from the street

One of Argaka's traditional village streets


Although there are of course a number of new constructions being raised in the vicinity, Argaka’s rural and relatively remote location by and large attracts only those homebuyers who wish to live away from the crowds in a traditional part of the Cypriot countryside, thus helping to preserve the locality’s traditional feel.

With regards to Argaka's history, little is known prior to the 19th century, since the community is not shown or mentioned in any earlier maps or chronicles. It is most likely that the village was a new settlement at this time due to an influx of residents congregating around the local monastery of Agia Varvara (St Barbara) from neighbouring areas.

Argaka and its surrounding area are certainly worth closer examination by all those seeking a secluded holiday retreat in the Cypriot sun but away from holidaymakers and mainstream tourist crowds.

Update (September 22nd 2010):
Since first publishing this page, things have changed somewhat at Argaka. While it is still undoubtedly a quiet and peaceful location, it is now also neighbour to the much anticipated Limni Golf Resort, one of the most exclusive leisure projects being constructed in Cyprus.

It is perhaps needless to say that this turn of events is already having a positive effect on property prices in the area, and that homes in the village are starting to become a sought-after commodity, despite the prevailing global economic climate.


Property developments at the top of Argaka village

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