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Buying the 'right' Cyprus Property

With the huge choice of Cyprus property being advertised on the internet, it's often hard to tell true bargains and prime investments from less lucrative developments.

Cyprus Property - The Choice of styles and locations can be confusing

This is especially true since Cyprus joined the full European Union membership, which brought with it a marked increase in demand for Cyprus property.

Due to this increased demand, how shall we put it - many other assorted & colourful individuals such as farmers, bricklayers, roofers and even taxi drivers have jumped on the bandwagon and are now calling themselves developers and agents.

Unfortunately, as in life, many of these so-called development firms or agents have neither the expertise, nor financial backing available to follow through on their exaggerated promises.

With over 10,000 homes in Cyprus, our portfolio is vast

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Fortunately, Cyprus for the benefit of property purchasers, has some of the strictest laws in Europe, however, no provision can be made for bankruptcy of these less than established 'development companies'.

Therefore, all the development companies associated with Aphrodite Property Sales are well established, government registered firms with outstanding quality and customer service records, many of which are government contractors as well  completing projects such as hospitals, schools, government buildings and even the new motorway road network.

We are therefore able to offer properties for selection from developers that we know that there is full title available and that the property or land is not already encumbered. Or that if it is, it is immediately terminated on payment of the relevant deposit from a purchaser as the property will be registered with the Land Registry office thereby securing the purchasers full right over that property and ensuring that no one else can have an additional mortgage on that property. This means that although we know our developers will not go bust, this law secures the clients ownership over the property if they were to go into bankruptcy. Note that here is no leasehold at present in Cyprus, so purchasers of Cyprus property are shareholders of the freehold, thereby again making it a very safe secure purchase.

We also ensure that all properties in our extensive portfolio have full planning permission, so that clients do not run the risk of having trouble when applying for the title deeds.

Additionally, we have negotiated the same rate of commission with every company we deal with, so you can be rest assured that if we show you a Cyprus property it is because it matches your requirements perfectly, not because we earn extra commission.

Contact us today and experience the Aphrodite difference.

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Golf Properties in Cyprus

The government's announcement in early 2006, of fourteen new licences for golfing venues right across the Republic, has created an upsurge in the number of overseas property buyers looking for golf properties in Cyprus. No longer restricted to Aphrodite Hills, the Secret Valley Golf and Country Club or the Tsada Golf Course, buyers are now making their choice between the many new locations available.

Disclaimer. The prices quoted on the properties featured in this website are displayed as guidelines only. They constitute neither an offer nor contract, nor part of same. E&OE

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