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A Property in Cyprus is many a home buyer's dream

As the popularity of Spanish and French real estate is gradually waning with British buyers, property in Cyprus is now widely regarded as a far better investment for a number of good reasons.

Property in Cyprus - The Advantages

Besides the obvious advantages of lower property prices compared to Spain and Portugal, an outstanding climate with year-round sunshine and the fact that around 90% of natives under the age of forty speak English to a high standard, many informed home buyers have also noticed that Cyprus boasts one of the most favourable tax systems in the European Union.

For instance, anyone selling their property in Cyprus, is entitled to sunstantial capital gains tax allowances which also encompass any improvements made to the home during their period of ownership.
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More buyers are now looking beyond traditionally popular locations

In the past, Paphos, Larnaca and Paralimni formed the backbone of the Cyprus property market.
During the past eighteen months though, an ever increasing number of British home buyers looking for the perfect property in Cyprus have ventured far beyond the boundaries of these three communities in search of their dream home.

In the island's west for instance, the current constructiion of the new motorway link to Polis Chrysochous and the neighbouring Latchi has not only prompted an increased demand for homes in these two communities, but also in a string of small villages along the way such as Tala and Kathikas.

The many improvements to Cyprus' infrastructure carried out in the wake of attaining full European Union membership provide another clear advantage.

Most analysts predict that price rises of properties in the Republic of Cyprus during the coming five to ten years will easily put the country in the top twenty global locations for real estate investors.
Furthermore, the introduction of the Euro as the official Cypriot currency on January 1st 2008 also brought with it the introduction of VAT on land, thus fuelling overall price rises even more

So, by buying a property in Cyprus, you are getting a superb home in the sun, as well as a high-yield medium and long-term investment; truly the best of both worlds.

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Living in Cyprus

During our years of working in the Cypriot property market, we have found that buying a home in Cyprus is the first step on the road towards living in Cyprus for many of our clients. And, although Cyprus is seen by many as a haven for British retirees, a surprising number of our clients are working professionals seeking to relocate their business interests or place of work to a more favourable country, tax-wise.
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