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How does a Currency Trading Brokerage work?

The high charges imposed by the world's banks have caused the introduction of a new kind of money-market specialist, the Currency Trading Brokerage, or Exchange House.

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A currency trading brokerage buys currencies on a wholesale basis

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By buying and selling foreign currencies in huge amounts on the international money markets at what basically amount to wholesale prices, a currency trading brokerage is able to offer far better exchange ratess to their clients.


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Foreign Currency Exchange Houses

As banks normally charge far above the current foreign currency exchange rates on the international market, there is a clear advantage in using a currency broker since most of these companies will offer rates far closer to the 'live' rates on the market.

Furthermore, these companies operate on a no-commission, no-fee basis, since their profits stem from the small margins they glean from the exchange rates. So whereas a bank would levy additional commission charges and transfer fees for transferring your currency to its international destination, a currency trading brokerage will charge none, which means additional savings for you.

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A 'Sterling' Exchange Company

Aphrodite Sun Properties regularly receives calls from such establishments offering their services to our clients who are buying property in Cyprus, but thus far not one of them has matched Sterling Exchange in terms of reliability, outstanding service, and sheer overall customer satisfaction.

This currency trading brokerage absolutely guarantees to give a better rate of exchange than high street banks and charges no commissions or fees for its services.


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A professional, yet personal, currency exchange and transfer service

Sterling Exchange’s professional, yet personal service is ideally suited to buyers of overseas properties wishing to get a far better deal on their foreign currency exchange requirements when transferring large sums of money from one country to another. Moreover, the savings tend to be even greater for large lump sum transfers. As a client of Sterling Exchange, your personal account manager will advise and assist you throughout every stage of your transaction in a friendly, professional manner. Most banks would struggle to give a service this personal.

At the end of the day, most businesses would not even consider paying high street bank rates of exchange, so why should you? After all, buying and sending the funds for your property purchase in Cyprus through the Sterling Exchange currency trading brokerage can save you thousands of pounds; money which would be better spent on something important, like the next visit to your new property, or some furnishings for it.

Regardless of your requirements, Sterling Exchange will be able to assist you will all aspects of your financial exchange and transfer needs. Also, aside from buying an overseas property, their services are also invaluable when buying a vehicle abroad, if you are relocating to a foreign country or if you are importing and exporting goods to and from the UK.

Sterling Exchange and their range of foreign currency exchange services have helped countless of our clients conduct the purchase of a property in Cyprus in a smooth and trouble-free manner.

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In the Republic of Cyprus, mortgages were still a relatively new phenomenon at the start of the property boom in about 2002. Through the next few years, as local lenders began to find their feet in the overseas mortgage market, a number of less savoury practices were employed by a number of Cypriot property developers to effectively get mortgages on real estate they had already sold to clients.
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