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Living in Cyprus - Information about Aphrodite's Isle

Due to its growing popularity, over 60,000 British expatriates are now living in Cyprus, the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean.

Petra tou Romiou, the fabled rock of Aphrodite pictured from nearby cliffs

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The name Cyprus & its origins...

There are several ideas regarding the origin of the name 'Cyprus'. The generally accepted theory being that Cyprus originates from 'Kypros', meaning copper. According to this version of events, Cyprus was named after copper because it was one of the earliest places in the world with a significant output of this metal. Its extraction and exploitation brought economic life and prosperity to the island.

The low cost of living in Cyprus

Aside from its superb climate, breathtaking scenery and sparkling clear seas, Cyprus also boasts a very high standard of living.
This high quality of life, coupled with the low cost of living in Cyprus, have made the island the Mediterranean's third most popular destination for European property buyers.

Life in the Republic

Like many Mediterranean countries, Cyprus benefits from an abundance of sunshine and a laid-back, unhurried attitude to life.
As of the end of 2006, there were upwards of 60,000 registered British expatriates living in the Republic, in most cases clustered around the major population centres.

And yet, unlike some parts of Spain, living in Cyprus is not like 'Little Britain' with more sunshine, as most expats will readily testify.

Perhaps it's best said in the words of one of Oroklini's long-time British residents:
"Life in Cyprus has its own special attractions and I wouldn't change it for the world."

Please note that the Living in Cyprus Section is currently being brought up to speed.

Over the next month we're bringing you a host of up-to-date information to give you a true picture of what life in the Republic is really like in a way no other property company does . We estimate that this section will be launched by May 9th 2010.

The Jewel of the Mediterranean Sea

With its excellent climate, extreme natural beauty, famous historical sites and its friendly and welcoming inhabitants, Cyprus is truly the jewel in the crown of the Mediterranean holiday destinations.

Cyprus offers unique opportunities for those wishing to acquire real estate. A most desirable location is combined with excellent future investment potential and extremely favourable prices to make this an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

Cyprus is divided into 6 provinces:
Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Famagusta & Kyrenia.

The island itself covers an area of 9,251 km/sq; it is 225 km long (from its eastern most to its western most tip), 94 km wide at its widest point, and has 853 km of coastline.

The Clubhouse at Secret Valley Golf and Country Club, as seen from the course itself

There are two main mountain ranges on Cyprus: Pentadaktylos (1023m) in the northern area and Troodos, the highest peak of which is Olympus at 1951 metres above sea level, in central southern Cyprus. Troodos was once an island of volcanic rock from which 11,000,000 years ago the island of Cyprus was created by tectonic forces.
Snow is a very rare phenomenon in the plains, though its frequent enough in the mountains to give a skiing season each winter.

The sources of all the rivers of Cyprus of any note, are to be found in the Troodos range and the area is accordingly of enormous importance for the water supplies of the island; many of the dams are found in the region of the Troodos mountains.
We have compiled a small list of travel information for Cyprus which is especially handy if you are planning to drive out there.
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But aside from sunshine and a leisurely lifestyle, Cyprus also boasts a number of other, more concrete, incentives to prospective residents; a much lower cost of living than the UK and a tax climate as sunny as its celestial counterpart.
Visit our 'Useful Information' section for more information about Cyprus Tax Matters.

Living in Cyprus is the culmination of a dream for many British Expatriates

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The Towns of Cyprus

Whilst most people are familiar with the major population centres of Cyprus, such as Paphos and Larnaca, few are aware of the many smaller communities dotted along the island's coasts and throughout its interior. Our 'Towns of Cyprus' section provides further information not only on the Republic's major cities, but also the many smaller communities where the traditional Cypriot lifestyle is still very much alive and thriving.

The Secret Valley Golf and Country Club

Although living in Cyprus has many attractions, arguably one of the most popular are the three golf courses currently operating on the island. The Secret Valley Golf and Country Club near Kouklia village is currently undergoing a major remodelling and extension programme which will put it amongst the world's great venues.

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