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Information about English Schools in Cyprus

While there is a wide variety of outstanding English and international schools in Cyprus, you must realise that these are not State schools, and that their tuition fees are quite substantial.

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Not everyone is truthful about the tuition fees of schools in Cypus

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The issue of free schooling is one of the most common misconceptions propagated by local estate agents and overseas property websites. While they'll happily tell you about the great international education centres in the Republic, they somehow fail to mention that sending your child to one of these is likely to cost you at least €4,000 per year. Read on to see what the facts of this matter are.

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By and large, most people will cleverly misrepresent your entitlements as a European citizen by telling you that your child has every right to free schooling in the Republic. This is actually true, but what's never mentioned is that it only applies to state-funded Greek-language schools, not privately run English-education institutes. So it's free to send your child to one of the Greek schools in Cyprus, but private education at an international or English curriculum school has to be paid for. And that, as we've already seen, is not cheap.

So what? Cyprus has a high standard of education, and my child will be ok in a Greek school, surely?

We see this a lot. Parents move to Cyprus, settle in, and then find out how much tuition in one of the Republic's English schools will cost them per year. It's usually quite a shock, and many of them simply can't afford this kind of financial burden in addition to normal living expenses. As a result, their child invariably ends up being sent to one of the many Cypriot schools. But while these are basically decent places of education with relatively high standards, there are a couple of major problems associated with an English speaking child attending a Greek speaking school.

  1. It's a Greek School
    Remember that your child is not only being dropped into a completely alien environment, but also into a situation where he or she is expected to learn the curriculum and keep up with the other children, while being unable to speak the local language. This can be more than a little traumatic, to say the least.
  2. It's a Greek School
    While Greek is a language with great historical value, a language which shaped western civilisation as we know it, and a language with a heavy bearing on scientific terminology to this day, it is not a language of international commerce. For that we all use English. And that's the problem, you see? Sending children to a Greek-speaking school may give them the local advantage of learning the Greek language, but it will leave them with a serious global disadvantage in a world which increasingly uses English to do business.

Your children's education is a major factor in any decision you make about living in Cyprus. Don't take it lightly.

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The following English education establishments can be found in the Republic of Cyprus

Schools in Paphos

The Paphos International School - Set in a quiet area, about a mile and a half north of the Limassol motorway's end, the International School of Paphos is a modern learning centre with an extremely high reputation. Onsite facilities include a swimming pool, athletics track, football pitch, tennis court, and a whole lot more.

Drake House Private Institute - This small, private centre of learning is housed in a luxurious private villa close to Tala's village centre, in the hills above Paphos. Though not as feature-laden as other schools, it offers a relaxed, and extremely personal approach to your childrens' education.

The Private Institute of St George - This one is tucked out of the way in Ayios Georgios, about ten miles north of Paphos town. Teaching to the UK curriculum, this institute's onsite facilities include an onsite swimming pool, basketball, volleyball, and badminton courts, and a large sports ground.

There's also an American Academy coming to Paphos, but the details are still a little sketchy. We'll keep you posted as and when new announcements are made. Meanwhile, here's the press release on the Limassol American Academy website.

Schools in Limassol

The American Academy, Limassol - Despite the fact that this chain of schools are named American Academy, theyactually provide education services to the British curriculum. The Limassol school is actually spread over three different sites, comprising the Primary School, Early Years, and the Secondary School. [Map]

Logos School of English Education - Founded in 1973, Logos School of English Education maintains a standard of excellence which has given it the reputation as one of the finest Christian private schools in Cyprus. The Logos school is located less than three hundred yards from the local American Academy.

The Heritage Private School - Situated in the tiny village of Palodia, about three miles north of the Limassol motorway, the Heritage Private School was founded in the village of Moni back in 1987, teaches the United Kingdom curriculum, and takes in students from kindergarten age through to senior school graduation.

The Red Dragon Private School - This institute is located close to Limassol's city centre, little more than half a mile from the seafront and the old port. Teaching pupils from kindergarten age through senior level, this school teaches to the English curriculum.

Schools in Larnaca

Mediterranean High School - "Med-High", as it's known to its students, was founded in 1995. Since this time, it has become one of the favourite schools for British and American expatriate families living in Cyprus, with some pupils commuting to the school from as far afield as Nicosia and Limassol.

American Academy Larnaca - As one of the oldest and most respected private schools in Cyprus, the American Academy boasts a colourful mix of local and foreign pupils, teaches the English curriculum, but also has something of a reputation as being a little 'stuffy' in its approach to education.

Larnaca, like Limassol and Nicosia, also has a Pascal International School. But while Pascal benefit from an excellent academic reputation, their website is quite frankly shocking in its impracticality. Therefore, we have provided a link to the Pascal Online Prospectus instead.

Schools in Nicosia

The American International School - This is one of the few educational institutes in the Republic of Cyprus which teaches the American curriculum. Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, it's located in the heart of Nicosia, only about half a mile from the city's famous Venetian Walls.

American Academy Nicosia - This is quite possibly one of the very finest schools in Cyprus. With large, modern premises, the American Academy boasts everything needed to provide a first-class education for your children. However, its premises in the heart of Nicosia also mean that outdoor sports facilities are limited.

The Philips English School - Located a little to the south of Nicosia's city centre, the Philips School is modern, well-appointed, and has developed a reputation for being one of the most supportive centres of leaning in the Republic of Cyprus.


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