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Nine very good reasons for Moving to Cyprus

Most overseas property websites will provide you with a list of the most whimsical reasons for moving to Cyprus, when there are some very good grounds for relocating to the Republic.

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We bring you 9 reasons why moving to Cyprus is a good idea

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From high-pressure real estate giants to one-man estate agencies, the overseas property sector has long sung the praises of Cyprus. But most of them seem to concentrate on meaningless details instead of real advantages.

Starting with the simple fact that life in the Republic is not as hectic as it is in the UK, via its superior educational standards, and on to the island's low population density, there are some very solid reasons why people and corporations keep choosing to make Cyprus their home.

As you read this, bear in mind that these are some of the main reasons given to us by previous clients, and that there are many and varied factors that bring British expatriates to Cyprus' shores. There are also a few reasons against relocating to the Republic, most of which you'll never hear from local or overseas estate agents.

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Here are nine very good reasons for making the move to Cyprus

  1. The Slow Pace of Life: Compared to the United Kingdom, the pace of life in Cyprus is positively glacial. This makes it an absolutely ideal place to move if you’re tired of the rushed British lifestyle.

    However, if you’re moving to Cyprus for a more leisurely life, be prepared for this laid-back attitude to living and working to permeate every aspect of Cypriot society. Indeed, sometimes trying to get anything done in a hurry can feel like trying to swim through treacle, as the people you’re dealing with oftentimes lack any sense of urgency whatsoever. Having said that, once you get used to this typically Mediterranean approach, it can be one of the most endearing features of life on the island.

  2. Most people speak English: One of the main attractions for British expatriates has long been the simple fact that almost everyone you meet in Cyprus is likely to speak English.

    The facts that Cyprus was part of the British Empire for eighty-two years, and that it boasts one of the highest standards of education in the European Union, combine to produce a country where English is routinely used at quite a high conversational level in every aspect of society. Of course that doesn’t mean that the locals don’t appreciate you learning their language when you get here.

  3. The Great Weather: No list of reasons for moving to Cyprus would be complete without mentioning the weather, which is without doubt one of the biggest attractions of Aphrodite’s Isle.

    Winters are short, summers are long, and you can expect to see the sun with a reasonable degree of certainty about 89% of the time. And even though the current economic climate may be a little on the damp side, this glorious Cypriot sunshine still brings plenty of visitors to resorts like Paphos and Paralimni all year round.

  4. The Low Cost of Living: Taken against the average cost of living across the E.U, life in the Republic of Cyprus is far from expensive. And oddly enough the same still holds compared to the UK.

    Granted, given the abysmal performance of Sterling against the Euro over the past couple of years, the cost of living in Cyprus may at first appear to be little less than its UK equivalent. However, when one begins to take tax burdens, fuel costs, telecommunications, and a few other essential things into considerations, one finds that living on Aphrodite’s Isle still costs less than it does in the United Kingdom.

  5. No Pollution: The relatively clean air on the island, largely owed to the absence of heavy industry on its shores, is an often overlooked factor by those considering relocation here.

    And though the air in Cyprus suffers no shortage of dust, seeing as so much of it is carried here by the prevailing winds from the deserts of North Africa, the level of pollutants is actually very low, especially once you get into the Troodos and Pentadactylos Mountains.

  6. A Sunny Tax Climate: As mentioned elsewhere on our website, the all-round low rates of tax in Cyprus are among the biggest attractions of this little island.

    In fact, recent years have seen an increasing migration of international businesses choose the Republic of Cyprus as their base. From high-earning professionals to multi-national oil companies, you’ll find them operating here in Cyprus.

  7. Low Crime: On paper, the Republic of Cyprus has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. This alone has been enough to convince many young families that moving to Cyprus is a great idea.

    With that said, there is actually quite a bit more crime in Cyprus than the statistics show, because quite a few transgressions of the law actually go unreported. However, by and large these consist of your English or Bulgarian neighbour taking your lawnmower, or some other small-time theft, which is almost invariably handled without Police involvement. What the Republic is thankfully almost totally devoid of is violent crime.

  8. Great Education: As mentioned earlier, the Republic boasts an extremely high standard of education. In fact, many Cypriot children attend one of the many International schools on the island.

    These schools are, of course privately run, so tuition fees are a factor to be taken into consideration. Nevertheless, the majority of expatriate families moving to Cyprus end up sending their children to an International school, not only because of the higher educational standard, but also because their children’s English education would fall behind in the country’s native Greek-speaking schools.

  9. Low Population Density: With a surface area roughly the size of East Anglia, but a total population of only around 800,000 residents, the island is actually quite sparsely populated.

    When you furthermore consider that around 600,000 residents are living in the island’s five main centres of population (Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos and Famagusta), you begin to realise that Cyprus’ inhabitants still have quite a lot of elbowroom, despite its comparatively small size.

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There's no denying the fact that six years as a full member of the European Union has changed the face of living in Cyprus somewhat for the 60,000 British expatriate residents on the island. But while certain aspects of Cypriot society and government have been brought into line with the E.U. the Republic has yet to catch up with the rest of Europe on a number of fronts.
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