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Argaka, Ayia Marina, and Neo Chorio near Polis

Argaka and Ayia Marina villages are two mainly agricultural communities, a few miles from Polis going towards Pomos Point. Neo Chorio is nestled in the hills above Latchi.

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Their rural setting has left Argaka village & Ayia Marina largely unspoilt

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The north-western part of the island is renowned as one of the most scenically beautiful parts of Cyprus. Villages in this region, while not of great interest to most visitors and property buyers coming to the Republic, have long held an appeal for those who love nature, beautiful scenery, and a relaxed, rural approach to their holidays and lifestyle.

With populations of just 1,000 to 2,000 each, the villages of Argaka and Ayia Marina are certainly tiny when compared to such British favourites as Oroklini and Maroni, but in return they have retained a much more traditionally Cypriot character and atmosphere. Neo Chorio, with a population of almost 3,000, is a slightly different story. Read on...

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Neo Chorio, unlike Ayia Marina and Argaka by the sea, is a hillside community near Latchi


Considering the fact that Argaka village boasts a population of only around a thousand, it actually covers quite a sizable area. Indeed, on this part of the island, the Troodos Massif marches almost down to the shores of Chrysochous Bay, and the coastal plain is reduced to a mere mile and a half wide strip.

It is this strip of comparatively level ground that Argaka occupies, easily spanning the distance between sea and hill. Where facilities and amenities are concerned, there's not really that much to say. You'll find a couple of coffee shops, a taverna, restaurant, and one or two small shops selling essentials, and locally produced fruit and vegetables. Unusually too, for such a small village, Argaka also possesses two churches.
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Church at the top of Argaka Village

Sunset from Ayia Marina Beach

Ayia Marina

In comparison to the neighbouring Argaka, Ayia Marina is a positively tiny village, covering a two mile span of coastline about ten miles north of Polis.

This little community sports even more churches than Argaka, being as it were named after Saint Margaret of Antioch (Ayia Marina).One of these is a little medieval church named in her honour, which is located in a wooded area just inland from the village.

Again you'll find a few shops, restaurants, tavernas, and all the usual facilities. You'll also find the village surrounded by beautiful countryside, and there's even a little dam just inland from here where the fishing is meant to be quite good.

Neo Chorio

Surrounded by beautiful countryside, and boasting some truly spectacular views of Chrysochous Bay, Neo Chorio has unfortunately been turned into something of a concrete jungle by what many residents consider to be excessive property development for such a small village.

Nevertheless, the village is home to a not insubstantial British expatriate population, most of whom live in detached villas with private swimming pools, who staunchly maintain that they absolutely adore the place. To be fair, it's easy to see why, given the scenic splendor on offer all round. So if you're looking for somewhere a little off the main track, but still close to one or two modern comforts and amenities, Neo Chorio might well be worth investigating.


Chrysochous Bay seen from near Neo Chorio

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