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Ayia Napa Resort is becoming more Family-Friendly

Once a small fishing village with only a Venetian Monastery to distinguish it, Ayia Napa transformed into a popular summer resort following the invasion of 1974.

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Ayia Napa; resort of ill repute built around an ancient monastery.

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Although Ayia Napa is first named by the local chronicler Leontios Machairas during the 15th century in reference to a sharp increase in Arab raids on the island, references to its monastery date back to Medieval times. Local tradition even holds that during his conquest of Cyprus, King Richard the Lionhearted stopped at Ayia Napa’s monastery to take refreshment and water his horses. According to these same traditions, the olive tree under which he rested still stands in the monastery’s grounds.

These days, of course, the monastery is surrounded by Ayia Napa’s resort environment, with pubs and nightclubs located literally yards away from its entrance, just across the town’s main square. But while the behaviour of the little resort’s seasonal population of nightclubbers and pubbers would still have caused local monks to hide in the cellar only a few years ago, the town has undergone a substantial effort to clean up its international reputation as a den of iniquity since a local government reshuffle back in 2004. Read on...

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Ayia Napa no longer tolerates unchecked drunkenness as a part of its resort culture

Gone are the ‘all-night anything-goes’ pubs and clubs, and with them that element of visitors responsible for giving Ayia Napa the terrible reputation it has held since the early nineties. This does not mean that its bar-lined streets are deserted during the summer season, but it does mean that the drunken, drug-infested rowdiness, and the casual violence which so long blackened Ayia Napa’s reputation as a resort, are now largely a thing of the past.

And so, the local government, together with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, has spent the last six years working hard to bring the town back from the brink, and restore the family-friendly reputation it enjoyed after gaining popularity as a holiday destination following the invasion of 1974. Indeed, for Ayia Napa, resort reputation management is now a crucial part of its overall approach to attracting visitors.


The Resort Town of Ayia Napa seen from the Coast to the West

The Pedestrian Zone leading down to Ayia Napa Harbour


Taking full advantage of the fact that Ayia Napa is reputed as having some of the most beautiful beaches to be found anywhere in the Mediterranean, local hoteliers have adapted with the resort’s changing face, and where beachfront hotels were previously offering daytime activities which were aimed at all-night club goers, they are now more likely to feature organised activities to keep your kids entertained while you’re enjoying the glorious sunshine on Nissi beach.

So if you’re planning a holiday in Cyprus, or even if you’re looking for somewhere to buy a holiday home, don’t just dismiss Ayia Napa resort out of hand, because quite frankly it’s no longer the same place it was during the bad old days in the nineties.

These days it's once again a vibrant, fun-filled, and above all, a more family-orientated holiday destination.




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Given the profusion of excellent beaches along Cyprus' east coast, Ayia Napa certainly isn't the only resort in the neighbourhood. Indeed, less than five miles away, on the other side of the peninsula, can be found Protaras, another one of the region's seaside resorts, which has long enjoyed an excellent reputation as a family holiday destination.

Indeed, Protaras' beaches easily rival Ayia Napa's, as do this east coast resort's many other facilities and amenities.
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