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Larnaca Town on the shores of Larnaka Bay

Built on the shores of the Larnaka Bay in the southeast of the island is the modern city of Larnaka.
Set on the site of the ancient city kingdom of Kition, Larnaca is the third largest city in Cyprus, with an estimated population of 72,000 to 75,000.

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Larnaca Promenade and Finikoudes Beach shown on a sunny day

Larnaca Town and the tourist area

With its excellent infrastructure, Larnaca has been a popular tourist destination for some years
The town is the home of a marina with a capacity of 200 yachts, a modern harbour, the international airport of Cyprus and countless water sports and leisure activities..

To the east, the town incorporates the Makenzy Beach tourist zone with many modern apartments and hotels.

Rows of palm trees, Oi Finikoudes, in the local Greek dialect, at the picturesque sea-front are what the city of Larnaka is well-known for.
During the major festivals, much of the activity is centered around the city promenade. Kataklysmos or the Festival of the Flood, celebrated in early summer with a series of cultural events is the most important of these for the city of Larnaka.

The province of Larnaca’s larger areas consist of plain. The province has a population of some 100,000 and occupies about 12% of the total area of Cyprus.

The history of Larnaca

The church of Ayios Lazaros in the centre of Larnaca town is one of the finest examples of Byzantine architecture on Cyprus.
The final resting place of St. Lazarus being here distinguishes this church. The inscription: 'The friend of Christ' was engraved on his sarcophagus.

In previous centuries, many foreign merchants and consuls settled in the town, which gradually became a trade centre due to the rich revenues created through the export of salt from Larnaca's salt-lakes.

The name Larnaca most probably derives from the discovery in the area of a large number of sarcophagi (larnakes) and was probably first used in the early years of the Turkish domination in 1571 after the defeat of the island's Venetian rulers..

The Fort of Larnaca, located on the seafront, now houses the local Medieval Museum. It was originally built in the Middle Ages and used by the British as a prison.

Larnaca Town and it's outlying villages are nestled alongside Larnaka Bay

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Oroklini and Pyla Village

About half-way between Larnaca town and the British sovereign base at Dekhelia, you will find the villages of Oroklini and Pyla stretching from the Mediterranean coast to the Oroklini hills with their unspoilt nature reserve a couple of miles inland.
These two villages have proven to be exceedingly popular with British buyers of property in Cyprus.
Indeed, Oroklini's growing British population was partly responsible for the opening of a United Kingdom Citizen's Association (UKCA) club along the Dekhelia road near the village.

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