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Limassol (Lemesos) Town

Limassol is the second largest city in the Republic of Cyprus.
Limassol (Lemesos) has about 160,000 inhabitants and is the largest municipality and second largest town of Cyprus. In a coastal zone about 16 km long this already large town is continually expanding, together with the suburbs surrounding it.
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Olive Press at Limassol

Limassol and its Port

Since the Turkish invasion in 1974, Limassol has been greatly developed, becoming one of the most important centres for service-providing, trade and tourism in Cyprus as wells as the biggest port in the Mediterranean transit trade.

Limassol (Lemesos) is a modern town with entertainment venues to cater for all tastes, taverns, countless restaurants, luxury hotel complexes, shops, modern buildings and fine residences.

The Limassol Wine Festival (September)
The main wine producer of the island is and has been Limassol.

Therefore, in the Municipal Garden of Lemesos (Limassol) during the end of August and first part of September, the great Wine Festival of Cyprus takes place for 12 days, every evening between 20.00 hrs - 23.00 hrs.
Visitors have the chance to taste some of the best Cyprus wines during the festival, which are offered free of charge.

The History of Limassol

The town has a lot of ancient, Byzantine and Frankish influences and is renowned for its long cultural tradition. The old town of Limassol is the kernel with its old archontika (mansions), gems of architecture which are now being restored and narrow, busy shopping streets.

After the English King Richard the Lionheart destroyed Amathus in 1191, the town of Limassol (Lemesos) was built up in its current position between the ancient towns of Curium and Amathus.

However, since the very old times, a small colonization, namely the village of Lemesos (Limassol) has been inhabited at this site.
Some graves that were discovered there date back to 2.000 B.C. with others dating back to the 4th and 8th century B.C.

Historically, the town has been an important trade centre since the time of the crusades, not least due to the fact that the famed Commandaria wine is produced in the region.

The Limassol Wine Festival is held each year at the beginning of September

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The Troodos Mountains

A relatively short drive inland from Limassol will take you into the heart of the Troodos Mountains.
Heading past the villages of Alassa and Platres, you will eventually reach Troodos village itself, nestled protectively on the shoulders of Mount Olympus which rises to an altitude of 1951 metres above sea level.
It may come as somewhat of a surprise that an ever growing number of young, professional British expatriates buying Cyprus properties are forsaking the coastal regions in favour of a slower lifestyle in the mountains. In fact, one might say there is a bit of a property boom happening here on the quiet.

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