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Liopetri, Sotira and Xylophagou Villages

The villages of Liopetri, Sotira and Xylophagou are part of the 'Red Soil Villages' in the Famagusta province. Just as an aside, the area around Liopetri, Paralimni, Sotira, Xylophagou, Kapparis, and Dheryneia is responsible for almost all the potatoes produced in Cyprus. The local real estate market is booming, since these villages are all within a 15 minute drive of Ayia Napa.
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The Liopetri River

Liopetri and Xylophagou

Liopetri is home to two churches of interest; the medieval church of Panagia and the church of Agios Andronikos, which is understood to have been built around the 15th century. It has an octagonal dome and in the apse there can still be seen some remnants of its murals. Close by are the remains of a Venetian watch tower. The French poet Arthur Rimbeaud is known to have worked in this area in the 1880's.

The fishing shelter at Potamos Liopetriou, just east of the village of Xylophagou, is a photogenic inlet where fishermen men spend by day repairing their nets, before setting sail in the evening to go fishing. Liopetri is also well known for its basket making tradition.

Xylophagou (Xylofagou) was built during the Ottoman rule and took its name from its very first settler called Xerophagos (dry food eater). Whilst the area was basically uninhabited, several monasteries were built of which unfortunately only their names remain notably Efstathios and Saint Barbara being the most important.

Sotira Village

Sotira has a population of just over 1500 people and takes its name from the church in the centre of the village, (Sotira meaning saviour in Greek) The church has wonderful displays of Komninian art (13th – 16th) centuries and is dedicated to the transfiguration of Jesus Christ the Saviour.

It is a quiet area, with all the local amenities one would expect of a village, while it is only five minutes to Ayia Thekla and Ayia Napa and a mere eight minutes to Protaras by car.
Sotira lake also has wonderful winter wildlife.

Agios Mamas, which was initially built in the 12th century and later rebuilt in the 16th with frescoes is near the east entrance of Sotira.
Another two churches in the area, such as the cruciform church of Panagia Khordajiotissa, which also dates back to the 15th century which has had its dome restored, and the church of St. George (Ayios Georghios) with its three aisle Syrian – type ( early christian ) basilicas are worth visiting. There is also of mention a small Ecclesiastical Museum in Sotira.

Liopetri, Sotira and Xylophagou are becoming popular with property buyers

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Whilst this image was certainly true during the mid 1990s, the Ayia Napa of today is a somewhat different place since the election of a new local government back in 2004.
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