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Oroklini Village and Pyla are a few miles from Larnaca

On the way to Dekhelia, just a few miles north of Larnaca, you will find Oroklini and Pyla. Once traditional farming villages, they have developed immense popularity with British expatriates.

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Many people now consider Oroklini to be something of a Little Britain

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Nestled into the mouth of a coastal valley at the north-western shores of Larnaca Bay, and with a chain of hills and a protected nature preserve as a backdrop, the village of Oroklini (Voroklini) has long been a popular destination for expatriates moving to Cyprus.

The village's centre is located some 14 kilometres from Larnaca's new international airport, and can be reached from there via the motorway in about fifteen minutes.

These days, Oroklini is an odd sort of hibryd between the traditional and modern aspects of Cyprus, as the old village centre has retained its traditional atmosphere, while a multitude of apartment and villa complexes have sprung up around the community's fringes.


Miltos' Tavern and the main street at the top of Oroklini village

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The Voreas Taverna in Oroklini holds the reputation as one of the finest meze restaurants in the region


Here you will have the opportunity to get a taste of Cypriot hospitality and culture in one of the village's tavernas and restaurants, renowned for their excellent mezes. During the long summer months Oroklini's narrow streets are filled with the sounds of traditional bouzouki music and laughter, drifting from the local bars and restaurants.

Though this is most definitely a tourist-orientated community, it is nevertheless one of the best places to enjoy a taste of the traditional, laid-back, fun loving Cyprus, while still remaining close to a host of tourist and leisure amenities, as well as several miles of sheltered, sandy beaches. Find out more...

Historically, Oroklini is described as "an ancient village, marked on old maps by a number of roughly-built, deserted chapels in the nearby areas next to a mountainside”; it also appears as "Voroklini" on Venetian maps.

With a population approaching 7,000, Oroklini village has all the amenities of essential stores such as green grocers, pharmacists, a couple of small supermarkets, bakers, butchers and even a 24-hour convenience store. It also boasts a number of take-aways and cafes, as well as four excellent restaurants. There are also three churches, a primary school, a gym and a couple of local banks (Bank of Cyprus & Marfin Laiki).

For evening entertainment, the restaurants, bowling alleys and multiplex cinema of Larnaca are just 10 minutes by car from the village of Oroklini, and the Dekhelia Road tourist zone with its many beaches is only just a five minute drive away. Many leisure facilities, including a bowling alley, several water sports and diving centres, and a quad-bike safari outfitter are also located in the vicinity of the village.

There are countless opportunities to buy property in Oroklini, from buying your own custom designed home with mountain and sea views, to purchasing townhouses, villas and apartments in some truly outstanding complexes.

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View from Oroklini

Pyla, a little of its history, and its location on the Green Line

Pyla Village   |   Bars and Restaurants

The name Pyla stems from the Greek word Pýli (πύλη), meaning Gateway. This may at first seem like a bit of an odd moniker for a tiny Cypriot farming community, until one realises that the village sits on the most accessible route from Cyprus' south-east coast to the Mesaoria Plain in its interior, and that there has been a settlement on this site since at least Roman times, but probably much earlier.

Indeed, Pyla village's strategic importance through the ages is still in evidence today by the Medieval Keep sitting at its very heart, right across the main road from its old church, and two doors along from the mosque. Given over mainly to pigeons these days, the Keep is a reminder that the history of Aphrodite's Isle is an often turbulent one.


Pyla's Medieval Keep in the heart of the village

Looking towards the village of Pyla from the south


On the subject of turbulent histories, Pyla also holds the status of being one of only three mixed-community villages left on the island, the other two being Athienou and Troulli. This is because Pyla's old centre is actually situated on the Green Line, which has separated the Republic of Cyprus from its Turkish-occupied northern neighbour since 1974.

Over the past three decades, the village's location has served to keep propery prices suppressed, at least when compared to neighbouring communities, such as Oroklini and Livadia. As a result, Pyla has attained great popularity with British expartriate homebuyers in search of a quiet place to live, rather than real estate investors in search of a quick profit or holiday rental incomes.

All in all, Pyla is an unashamed border town. Here, life has continued in the same way as always for both halves of the local population, regardless of the fact that a Turkish stares down at the community from an adjacent hillside, to find United Nations peace-keepers staring back at it from their base in the village centre. But despite these obvious presences, Pyla is nevertheless one of the friendliest and most welcoming places one could hope to visit or live.
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Tersefanou Village

Oroklini's counterpart on the other side of Larnaca is Tersefanou village. This small and seemingly insignificant community has caught the eye on international property buyers and golf affictionados in recent months, since it is to be the setting of the forthcoming Larnaca Golf Course and Country Club. This facility, which is the first of its kind in the east of Cyprus, is just one of the many major imporvements being planned for the infrastructure of Larnaca district.

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Regardless of whether you are looking for a new home in Oroklini, Pyla, Tersefanou or indeed any other region of Aphrodite's isle, our extensive Cyprus property sales portfolio is sure to contain the perfect property for you. With only the highest-quality homes on our books, we are proud to present you with the finest possible selection of real estate in Cyprus.


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