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Paralimni Town and the free Famagusta Province

Paralimni has been the provincial capital of the free Famagusta province since the 1974 invasion.
After most of the province of Famagusta (Ammochostos) was captured by Turkish forces, the small town of Paralimni with a population of approximately 8,000 became the temporary administrative centre of the province. Once an insignificant village, it has in recent years enjoyed great economic and demographic growth and has developed as a tourist centre.

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Paralimni Town

Paralimni Town in the east of Cyprus

Like Ayia Napa, Paralimni enjoys an excellent tourist infrastructure and has proven a very popular holiday destination recently.

Paralimni is now the largest town in the free Famagusta (Ammochostos) district, situated in the southeast of Cyprus. The modern city of Paralimni bears little resemblance to the insignificant sleepy village of the early 1970s. Paralimni's metamorphosis happened in 1974 when the town of Famagusta's Greek-Cypriot population fled south after the Turk’s invasion.

The word Paralimni means "settlement by the lake" as it was built on the shores of a shallow lake, which used to fill with water only in the wintertime.

However, in the beginning of the 20th century, the whole of the lake bed was reclaimed for agricultural purposes as a result of reclamation work.

Now sitting motionless and derelict, one can still find some of the old wind mills and waterways which were used to irrigate the surrounding area in the not-too-distant past.

The province of Famagusta

The mild climate and fertile red soil of the Famagusta province together with its underground water supply has contributed enormously to the increasing development of agriculture and farming. The main produce of the villages around Paralimni town are potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh vegetables, watermelons, melons and broad beans.
The town has not always been where it is now. Originally it was built on a hill, which was situated between Dheryneia and its present location.

However, it was moved inland to avoid detection by the sea pirates in the 15th century. The first people to settle at Paralimni arrived just after the capture of the nearby town of Famagusta (Ammochostos) in 1571 by the Ottoman Turks.

North of Paralimni the abandoned town of Varosha is a melancholy reminder of the island's troubled political history, while to the east you'll find some of the Cyprus' best beaches and most animated nightlife.

Paralimni has proven a popular holiday resort, whilst also becoming a very sought after residential area causing local property prices to rise considerably. From an investment point of view, property in Paralimni and its surrounding area are proving to give a good return on capital.

Paralimni, a town of some 8,000 residents is a few miles south of Famagusta

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