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Pervolia Village to the south of Larnaca

As the crow flies, Pervolia village is located about six and a half miles south-west of Larnaca’s centre. Originally a farming community, its old centre is set back about half a mile from the sea.

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In recent years Pervolia has seen a growing influx of British Expatriates

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Drawn by Pervolia’s charming, cobbled village centre with its restaurants and tavernas, as well as favourable beachfront property prices, a growing number of resident British professionals and expatriate retirees have made this friendly little community their home. Unusually however, Pervolia’s original village centre has remained largely untouched by this property boom, as the construction of new homes has largely taken place along the nearby coast.

The result of this unusual property development pattern is a village where roughly two thirds of the occupants live around the original centre, while the remaining third occupies the coastal stretches around the nearby Cape Kiti, and up towards Meneou beach


Pervolia Village Centre Tavernas

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This is a village where Cypriot and expatriate communities blend together seamlessly

Pervolia's Main Street becomes pedestrianised at sunset


Another highly unusual feature about life in Pervolia is the way in which the British expatriate community and the local Cypriot community cheerfully intermingle, not only on special occasions, but as part of day-to-day life.

One example of this can be seen in the simple fact that the village’s centre is closed off to motorised traffic each evening during the summer months, and so becomes a large entertainment venue where Cypriots and resident expatriates from a number of nations get together in restaurants and tavernas to enjoy the village’s rather unique atmosphere.

As for the village's amenities and facilities, we've already mentioned tavernas and restaurants. Most of these line Pervolia's main street, but you'll also find a few lining the coastal road in the new part of the village. For the football fans among you there's also 'The Cottage', a no-nonsense British-style football pub where you'll always find a warm welcome.

On the shop-front, you'll find plenty of kiosks and convenience stores, as well as a small supermarket in the village. Down near the beachfront there's also a new discount store, stocked with British products at very favourable prices. There's also an extensive array of shops and stores along the high-street in neighbouring Kiti, about three minutes down the road. However, if you're looking for large-scale hypermarket shopping, you will need to take the ten minute drive into Larnaca.


Pervolia's cobbled main street is lined with restaurants and tavernas

Pervolia's Faros Beach


But let's get back to the reasonable beachfront property prices in Pervolia for a minute. As you might expect, there's a reason for prices being a little lower here than in other parts of the region, and it's only fair for us to tell you what these are.

For starters, most of the beaches on this stretch of coast are shingle rather than sand. But while this may at first seem like a put-off, a lot of resident expatriates have come to favour Pervolia's shingle beaches, since, as they put it: "Sand gets everywhere, shingle doesn't."

If you do want a sandy beach, you have to head for the eastern side of Cape Kiti, past the lighthouse, where the shingle subsides, and the sands of Larnaca Bay start.

The other thing to consider when looking at properties in Pervolia is the simple fact that the village centre is about three miles from the end of Larnaca airport's runway. However, although this fact is responsible for many prospective homebuyers immediately discounting Pervolia from their range of possibilities, the noise levels are really not what you might expect. In fact, when questioned most residents will cheerfully tell you they don't even hear the planes anymore.

Larnaca international airport is no Heathrow, and while there may be frequent flights during the summer months, their numbers are still ridiculously small compared to those at any sizeable UK airport. And what's more, the village's proximity does provide the added bonus that you can step off the plane, get in a car, and be on your own front doorstep within ten minutes.

Ultimately, there's a lot to be said about Pervolia village, both as a relaxing holiday destination and as a place to live. Why not take a look at what's available, and come see for yourself?

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Kiti Village

Pervolia's immediate neighbour to the north is a community called Kiti. But while Kiti is normally referred to as a village, it has in fact become a thriving little commuter town which is growing at quite a rate. In fact, looking down the local high-street you'd be forgiven for thinking you were in quite a major shopping district.
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Makenzy Beach

Makenzy beach is a one mile long stretch of sand running north from the eastern end of Larnaca airport's runway. Lined with bars, restaurants, ice cream parlours, and an assortment of other entertainments, is has developed a reputation as something of a noisy playground in the Cypriot sun.
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Mazotos and its Camel Park

Travelling along the coast road towards Limassol, about five miles from Kiti village, you'll come across a sign for Mazotos. Once an insignificant little farming village, Mazotos has long held a strange appeal for overseas property buyers. But while the British contingent here may not be quite as pronounced as in Oroklini, for example, Mazotos is home to a substantial number of expatriates from around the UK.
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