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Property in Erimi - A shrewd medium & long-term investment

Fifteen minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Limassol, one can find the charming unspoilt small village of Erimi which enjoys an elevated position in the hills and boasts a rather pleasant climate because it is just above the coastal plain’s humidity level.

Image showing a property in Erimi - One of the many spacious villas to be found in the village

Limassol and its Port

It would be quite understandable for those who used to be stationed or are currently serving at the nearby Sovereign Base in Episkopi to be interested in a property in Erimi, as they will know all about the ideal climate and the slow way of life that the locals enjoy.

As one would expect in a small village, there are no amenities to speak of aside from a handful of shops and tavernas, hence its attraction for those buyers looking to escape the mainstream locations.

For life’s other requirements and any nightlife, Limassol is only just down the road and there every conceivable form of entertainment and facility expected from a major town can of course be found.

For those wanting an edge to their lives, the village does hold one amenity with a slight difference, a large go-kart track which holds regular competitions.

Whilst it would perhaps be better to purchase a property in Erimi at the other end of the village, there can be no argument that this tiny village is actually is a choice location for the discerning investor!

On a more culinary note, Erimi is also home to a Wine Making Museum which tells the story of Koumandaria (Commandaria), the amber coloured dessert wine which was called the Wine of Kings and the King of Wines by Richard the Lionheart, and is made in this area of the Commandaria region where it is reckoned the oldest recorded wines in the world are produced.

The History of Limassol

Furthermore, whilst the bulk of buyers looking to profit from the growing expansion of golf in Cyprus will usually buy homes in the Paphos or Larnaca areas, those of you looking for a reasonably priced golf property need look no further than Erimi, since the village is only a short distance from Vikla Golf Course, the Republic’s only currently active golfing venue, not located in the Paphos District. Whilst the Vilka course is currently considered something of a poorer cousin to the facilities at Aphrodite Hills and the Secret Valley Golf and Coutry Club, newly announced expansion plans are set to turn it into a first-class venue in the near future.

The village also holds something for history buffs, as the remains of the ancient city of Kourion can be found only around five minutes from Erimi, As one of the most important of the ancient City-Kingdoms of Cyprus, Kourion boasts baths from the fifth century B.C., some fine pavement mosaics alongside the world famous amphitheatre from the second century B.C. and the Temple of Apollo, one of the Republic’s most photographed ancient monuments.

The Kourion amphitheatre was originally built by the Greeks, but was then extended by the Romans, when the seating had to be moved further from the stage to protect spectators from the wild animals that were brought in to fight the gladiators.
Sited on a hilltop with stunning panoramic views of the sea and surrounding countryside, the theatre is still used today, with numerous music concerts and theatrical productions throughout the year. These include ancient Greek plays, Shakespeare, the International Cyprus Music Days festival, famous Greek singers and even world-famous performers such as Vanessa Mae.

It is easy then, to see why property in Erimi, although inexpensive at the moment, will be a very shrewd investment in the medium and long-term.

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Investment Potential

Of course, where sheer investment potential is concerned, Erimi is not the only place in the Republic which promises healthy returns. For instance, properties in Larnaca are widely seen as one of the best medium and long-term investments to be found anywhere in Cyprus. Amongst the reasons for this, are the expansion of Larnaca International Airport, the forthcoming golf course at Tersefanou village and, last but most certainly not least, the redevelopment of the Dekhelia Road leisure zone, which will not only see the construction of a number of high-class hotels and leisure facilities, but also the building of a new marina.

If you would like more information about buying a property in Erimi, or to discuss the latest investment hotspots in Cyprus, please feel free to contact us for a friendly, pressure-free chat.

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