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Tala Village and the neighbouring Tsada Golf Course

Tala village and the neighbouring Tsada Golf Course are located just north of Paphos.
The village boasts wonderful views to the Mediterranean Sea, many good tavernas and restaurants and a number of small shops and other amenities.

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Tala Village

Tala Village, home of the Kapnismata

Tala's main claim to fame is the Kapnismata, (meaning incenses or smokes), also known as the Tala Holy Tree. These trees reach a maximum height of only 10 metres and are crowned by palm-like leaves.
They are the only trees of this kind in the whole of Cyprus and in the Middle East. Attempts have been made to transplant and grow them elsewhere but have always failed. So, the "Kapnismata" (amber trees, Liquidambar Styraciflua) are the only ones of their kind and are to be found only in the region of Tala.

Tradition states that St. Neofytos brought them to Tala when returning from the Holy Land, a logical explanation for their strange name can be traced to the fact that the bark of this tree secretes a type of tar that is used in churches, as incense instead of frankincense.

The church of Agia Ekaterini (St. Catherine) of the 15th/16th century is an important mediaeval monument of the village, whilst quite close to the village, stands the monastery of Agios Neofytos, which over the years has had a significant influence on various aspects in the life and activity of the village.

With golf at the Tsada golf course being only 10 minutes away, and with the Aphrodite Hills and Secret Valley golf course being only 25 minutes away, the Tala area is rich for golfing fanatics.

Tsada Golf Course & Country Club

Not only Tsada Golf Course, but Secret Valley Golf and Country Club and Aphrodite Hills are easily reached from Tala village .

Within its administrative boundaries, the village connects to the monastery of “Agios Neofytos” in the northeast (about 2 kilometres away), and in the south it connects with the village Emba (about 4 kilometres distant)

The Asprokremmos dam, and the various wells in Tala village help irrigate the vast amounts of grapevines (wine-making and table grape varieties), locust, olive, almond, and walnut trees, citrus fruits (orange trees, lemon trees), cereals, forage plants, vegetables, and the many banana trees that are cultivated in the region.

In medieval sources, the village is not mentioned, however its name is considered to come from the time of domination by the Franks, probably from the D’Avila family, (a known influential family at that time). More than likely from Peter D’Avila, who, became Lord Chamberlain of Cyprus in 1473 and took land and properties in the district of Pafos ( Paphos ), or possibly from Anthony D’Avila who served for a time as the Governor of Pafos (Paphos).

Tala village is proving exceedingly popular with British property buyers looking to relocate to the Paphos region.

Tala village is only a few minutes from the Tsada Golf Course

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