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The Troodos Mountains in the heart of the Republic of Cyprus

Here you will find information about the Troodos Mountains in the heart of Aphrodite's island and the Pentadaktylos Mountains along the north coast which are, if anything, only a minor range.
Although Cyprus cannot be described as a mountainous land, a large part of it is covered in peaceful and scenic mountains. The greater parts of the Limassol (Lemesos), Paphos (Pafos) and Kyrenia provinces are taken up by the Troodos Massif.

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The Troodos Mountains

The Troodos Mountains

Although there are technically two mountain ranges in Cyprus, the Troodos Mountains and the Pentadaktylos, the latter is really just a minor coastal range.

The highest peak of the Troodos is Mount Olympus rising to 1951 meters above sea level. From here, spectacular panoramic views of the majestic mountains and rustic villages offer a dramatic contrast to the beach life of Cyprus.

Ideal for those looking for scenic and relaxing holidays, this hiker's paradise inspires poets and artists alike and is a pure haven for nature lovers.
In these mountains, the friendly, hospitable villagers will show you how leisurely the pace of life should be, as they proudly show you their crops, products and hand made crafts for which all the local villages are famed.

The Kykkos Monastery with its golden icon of the Virgin Mary allegedly painted by St Luke is a 'must visit' when in the mountains, but make sure that you have trousers and tops with sleeves when you visit, otherwise entry will be denied, and it is a long way to go to be refused entry !

Troodos and the Pentadaktylos

The mountain range of Troodos is thought to be 92 million years old and was created from the ancient oceanic bark, to which limestone sediment began to build when there was the drop in the sea levels.

They say the legend of the birth of Aphrodite, as she emerged from the foam of the sea waves, should be compared to the geological birth of the island of Cyprus, in that the island started rising from the sea 11 million years ago creating the Troodos Mountains, soon followed by the Pentadaktylos range to the north.

During the months of January and February it snows quite frequently on the higher peaks, whilst snow is a very rare phenomenon in the plains. The Troodos mountain range is the sources of all the main rivers of Cyprus, and the area is therefore of enormous importance for the island’s water supplies with 100 vitally important dams creating fresh water reservoirs. These reservoirs store an average of 370 million cubic metres of fresh water annually, thereby preventing Cyprus from serious drought during the summer and to helping to ensure an equal distribution between the mountains and the much drier coastal areas.

The Troodos Mountains are the source of virtually all rivers in Cyprus

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Limassol Town

The southern foothills of the Troodos Mountains run down almost to the outskirts of Limassol town, the second largest city in Cyprus.
This cosmopolitan centre of population is at the heart of Cypriot commerce just as Nicosia is at the heart of its industry.
British buyers looking for investment properties in Cyprus have been showing much interest in the Limassol area of late.

Zygi and Maroni Villages

Venturing off the motorway somewhat to the east of Limassol, you will come across the villages of Zygi and Maroni. Zygi is a traditional fishing village and home to some of the finest fish restaurants on the island, whilst Maroni is a farming community a little further inland.

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