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Zygi is a small fishing village on Cyprus' south coast

Whenever property websites mention Zygi, they talk about its fish restaurants, its illuminated pier, or its charming stone-built warehouses. Somehow they always forget the cement factory.

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In truth, Zygi is a charming little village with some bad neighbours

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Located on the seafront about two-thirds of the way from Larnaca to Limassol, Zygi village itself was one of those charmingly traditional Cypriot villages before the island's property boom hit around ten years ago. But while the community itself has managed to retain its traditional atmosphere, albeit with a slightly more tourist orientated spin, the surrounding coastline has changed dramatically during the last decade.

For starters there's a veritable forest of radio masts along the coast less than a mile south-west of the village, which can be seen for miles around. And then of course there's the aforementioned cement factory, which sits on the seafront beyond the masts, and creates a far from pleasant panorama in the direction of Limassol.


Masts and cement works on the coast near Zygi

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Another thing that's going on in Zygi at the moment is the construction of a new marina

The new marina/fishing shelter currently being constructed at Zygi village

Scheduled for completion in the latter part of 2010 or the early part of 2011, the facility is being constructed by the Cypriot Department as Fisheries both to accommodate pleasure craft, and as much needed moorage for the local fishing fleet. Comprising of around 220 berths and a number of associated marine services, it will set the stage for a major boost of the region's infrastructure and create a number of employment and business opportunities. For this reason, if for no other, the marina's construction is welcomed by most locals, despite the fact that Zygi has been covered with an almost permanent cloud of dust for the past couple of years, and that its much vaunted illuminated pier was demolished in the process.

The village centre and Ayios Varnava church


But aside from the temporary inconvenience of dust and construction noise, and its unsightly neighbours at the Limassol end of the village, Zygi in itself is actually quite a charming little community.

Once upon a time, the local harbor was the main collection point for the many carobs grown on this part of the island. These would be stored in stone-built seafront warehouses, and later shipped via the local pier.

Those days may be long gone, but the rustic stone warehouses survive. Converted into everything from charming little restaurants to the local supermarket, they still provide the village with a rather unique atmosphere.

Another thing which has most definitely not changed over the years is Zygi's fame for its fine seafood restaurants, which many say are the best on the island, a claim which only the residents of Latchi now hotly dispute. Indeed, for such a small community, the village boasts a huge number of fish eateries, about twenty in total.

Supplied by the local fishing fleet, which incidentally provides the fish for most of the region's catering establishments, they vie for trade from for the many Cypriots and tourists drawn here each week by the village's reputation for culinary delights.


One of Zygi's many seafood restaurants

Zygi's seafront, close to the new marina


The local coastline is another aspect which has kept the village out of the mainstream property boom limelight, simply because Zygi is not endowed with sandy beaches. Instead, the shore is a mixture of small cliffs, rocks, and the occasional stretch of shingle. This, probably more so than any other aspect has kept foreign holiday home buyers at bay.

Nevertheless, things are happening to boost the village's profile, both on the island, as well as internationally. Minitsty of Agriculture officials and Cypriot businessmen certainly predict that there are great things in store for this little fishing community within the next decade or so.

Up to this point, however, Zygi has not attracted a large number of expatriates, the way nearby Maroni has for instance. For, despite its charms, there are just too many other Cypriot villages which hold far greater appeal for British immigrants and retirees. Maybe once they have somewhere to moor their yachts and speedboats this will change. For the time being though, this is still a lovely place to visit for a fine seafood dinner.

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